4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday

You’ve been watching the clock at work and counting down to your holiday for a while now. As the careful little crosses on your calendar get nearer to the date circled in bold, anticipation grows. You double check your packing list, and triple check your travel documents. You’re all set and ready to go, and just want everything to be absolutely perfect! Here are some ways to get the most out of your holiday (spoiler alert – it starts with banning the word ‘perfect’!).

1. Go with the flow

Travel can be unpredictable. Most surprises you run into along the way will add to your travel experience, but some can be a little less welcome. Things like travel delays and turns in the weather can be frustrating, particularly if you’re limited on time or planning to spend most of your holiday outdoors on a hiking trip.

It is important to establish a positive mindset for your holiday and let go of the pressure that comes with everything being perfect. That way you can take these things in your stride and get the most out of your time away, even when things don’t go to plan. If you know that unexpected twists will stress you out too much, then perhaps consider a guided tour so that someone else is responsible for the logistics and contingency plans should things go awry – then you can just kick back and enjoy the ride!

2. Be prepared

Researching the places you are going to visit will set you up to get the most out of your holiday. This includes everything from cultural etiquette and dress codes to the local lingo. This will not only avoid any awkward faux pas but also put you in good stead to connect with the people who call these places home, enhancing your experience further.

It is also important to be prepared for how active your itinerary may be. You’re likely to spend a lot of time exploring on foot, so taking on an equivalent level of activity beforehand can help you be ready to get out and enjoy your holiday fully. If you’re heading off on an active trip hiking or biking your way through your destinations, then you’ll need to make sure your fitness is up to scratch, and you’ve broken in your shoes.

3. Pack light

Overpacking is a sure-fire way to add stress to your travels. You don’t want to have to strategically stuff your clothes into your shoes to fit everything in or have to lug an overweight suitcase around with you everywhere you go.

Packing light simplifies things, makes it easier and less physically draining to move around, and means you have more room for souvenirs (wait until the end of your holiday to stock up if you can)! If you are planning to carry a daypack on sightseeing trips or on exploratory walks, then sticking to the essentials will make for a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

4. Switch off and be present

Everyday distractions permeate our lives, from our calendar reminders to emails and social media accounts. Holidays are an opportunity to distance ourselves from these interruptions and just be present, enjoying and appreciating the places and experiences we have at our fingertips.

Keeping in touch with loved ones back home can alleviate homesickness and capturing photos to look back on can be great but being able to disconnect from your devices and live in the moment is also important on holidays.

To document your travels, consider swapping a social post for a journal entry so you can reflect on the special moments along the way and capture stories that a selfie just can’t tell.

This post is in collaboration with Global Journeys, an Online Travel Agency based in Noosa, Queensland, Australia that offers multi- day tours, cruises and river cruises. With a dedicated team of travel consultants and leading technology, Global Journeys partners with the world’s best travel operators to offer their clients over 5,000 trips to choose from worldwide.



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