Top Tips to make the most of a day at Alton Towers

Top Tips to make the most of a day at Alton Towers

I was not much of a theme park fan when I was younger, I went to a few smaller ones but I had never been to the big daddy, Alton Towers, until recently. Then, due to various circumstances I have

3 Breathtaking Castle Hikes in Britain

Hikers come from all over the world to take in Britain’s lush hills and forests, but they stay for the castles! Of course, many tourists go to take a look at the glitz and glamour of Buckingham Palace, but England’s

Hot weather hiking: How to protect yourself from the sun

Sunny days are perfect for lacing up your boots and heading out to find a mountain summit, an alpine lake, or a dramatic canyon. If you can get over the constant sweat, the chase after water, and the loss of

Hiking Checklist: What to Bring on An Outdoor Adventure

Are you preparing to go on your first outdoor adventure? Read this hiking checklist first to learn everything you need to pack prior to your trip.  Going on a hike, especially for the first time, can be a really exciting

How to Find Great Hikes Anywhere in the World

Some hiking trails are world-famous, and for good reasons. But when you’re travelling (as we all hope to before long) you could be missing out on some of the lesser-known gems along the way. There are some amazing short hikes

Three Reasons You Need Travel Insurance for Your UK Holidays in 2021

So it looks like ‘staycations’ will remain the big holiday trend throughout the first half of 2021 at least. With the announcement of tight new restrictions on leaving and entering the UK and all so-called travel corridors suspended indefinitely, it’s

Top 3 Beaches you need to visit in East Norfolk

Top 3 Beaches you need to visit in East Norfolk

This summer we managed to get away camping and had a amazing stay at Hickling Campsite. We absolutely love Norfolk and have been a few times now. For us, one of the best things about this laid back county, is

5 Best Tips to Successfully Prepare for Your Next Trip

Preparing for your next getaway can be exciting — and a bit overwhelming. But with the right amount of attention to detail, you can plan your trip from start to finish with ease. From choosing your destination and making transportation

How to buy the perfect pair of sunglasses for hiking

Good quality hiking gear is not cheap. But, it is well worth investing a bit of money into buying the best that you can afford. Doing so ensures that you will be able to get plenty of wear out of

Which Apps Should You Have Downloaded When Camping

There are lots of things you should keep on hand for when you go camping. A torch, enough food to last you the trip, water, somewhere to sleep, a map, a compass, and many other useful tools.  Things have been