Find your Perfect Ski Festival

I have been researching festivals recently as every year I hear about more and more events that sound amazing! I had no idea though that there are some fantastic ski festivals all over the world. They vary in terms of

A Guide to Visiting the Canadian Side of the Niagara Falls for Hikers

Understandably, seeing the Niagara Falls is on a lot of hiker’s to do list. They truly are a natural wonder and because much of the surrounding land has some sort of protected status there are plenty of great trails and

The Top 10 Hottest Places on Earth

I hate January. Once you’re over the euphoria of the New Year celebrations, and your commitment to your resolutions has waned, it really is a dull month! It’s therefore a great time to make some travel plans and plot your

How to save money at Center Parcs

How to save money at Center Parcs

Despite a few reservations, not least about the cost, we recently enjoyed our first family holiday at Center Parcs. We went at the cheapest time of year and paid just £329 for a four night stay in a two bedroom

Is Center Parcs worth the money?

Is Center Parcs worth the money?

For quite some time I’ve been thinking about whether we should go on a family holiday to Center Parcs. The reason that we’ve never done it before is a niggling doubt at the back of my mind, it just seems

Feeling homesick? Maybe this will help

Whether you’re travelling around the world, or hiking through the mountains on your latest adventure, homesickness is something that every traveller has to cope with at some point on their journey. You could be 3 months into your travels or

Planning the Perfect Niagara Falls Trip for Hiking Fans

Regardless of the type of vacation you like to take the Niagara Falls is a fantastic destination. There is something for you to enjoy, in the area, almost regardless of your interests. Naturally, in this article, I am going to

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday

You’ve been watching the clock at work and counting down to your holiday for a while now. As the careful little crosses on your calendar get nearer to the date circled in bold, anticipation grows. You double check your packing

Life after travelling – what to do before your next big adventure

Heading home after spending weeks or perhaps months of travelling, visiting remote locations, discovering different ways of life, immersing yourself in new cultures, trying exotic foods and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – is like a lead balloon

How to Avoid a Car Hire Horror Story Abroad

Many travel adventures involve hiring a car at some point, I’ve certainly done it many times.  It’s a great way to get out and see more of the sights, especially those that are off the beaten track. Hiring a car