Feeling homesick? Maybe this will help

Whether you’re travelling around the world, or hiking through the mountains on your latest adventure, homesickness is something that every traveller has to cope with at some point on their journey. You could be 3 months into your travels or just 3 hours, you never know when those little pangs of insecurity and worry will suddenly hit you. But how can you cope? Will these feelings ever pass? Will it ruin your trip? Well, don’t worry. Here you’ll find some helpful tips you can use to try and overcome your homesickness and remember, feeling homesick is completely normal.

Distract yourself
It might seem obvious, but if you’re sat in your hostel moping and wondering if this was all just a big mistake then things are only going to get worse. Head out and push yourself, get tickets to see the opera that’s showing in the town – click here to find out more – take that bus ride to the other side of the island and go snorkelling, try the food stalls in the market. If you try to immerse yourself a little more in the culture, you might surprise yourself and find yourself excited for your next adventure.

Vienna State Opera

Take some time out
You’re tired, dirty, aching and don’t feel like yourself. It’s no wonder your thoughts have turned to your homelife and your family. Travelling is exhausting, both mentally and physically so why not take some time out from it, even if it’s just for a night. Find yourself a nice hotel or hostel with private rooms, take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, order room service, have a long hot bath or shower, treat yourself to some chocolate or foods that make you feel good, download some movies or TV shows and just put your travels on pause, even if it’s just for 24 hours. Skype or call your family. Once you’ve recharged yourself, you’ll be ready to tackle anything and leave your homesickness behind.

Make things a little easier
Researching and scouring books, tour guides, the internet and listening to all the recommendations and warnings from fellow travellers can be exhausting and overwhelming. The worry of making a mistake and something going wrong can fuel your want to head back home. So, why not take the day off. If you’re staying at a hostel, you might find that they run tours of the city or town you’re staying in. If not, head to a tourist information centre and let them do the hard work for you. You’ll meet new people, discover new places without feeling vulnerable and have plenty of happy memories. It’s a great way to continue your journey while you’re feeling a little low.

Let them know you’re missing them
If you’re really missing your friends and family, then sometimes just by letting them know you can help soothe your internal ache. Head into town and buy them something, it can be something special and authentic or something tacky and fun. If you don’t have much room in your backpack then even just sending a handwritten postcard will make you feel better.

What are your tips for combating  homesickness?

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