How to Find Great Hikes Anywhere in the World

Some hiking trails are world-famous, and for good reasons. But when you’re travelling (as we all hope to before long) you could be missing out on some of the lesser-known gems along the way. There are some amazing short hikes that you can easily take in while you’re on the road to the big destinations, or you might be overnighting in a town with no obvious
attractions for lovers of the outdoors. Meanwhile, there’s a stunning trail in the area. How will you find it? Try these tips to find wonderful trails no matter where you may be.

Use Google Maps
Discover less-than famous hikes like Partington Cove by checking Google Maps. Easy, huh? Do it along the route unless you have a really tight itinerary – something to be avoided if you like occasional meanders off the beaten track. Explored what you came to see at a destination and wondering what to do? Google it! On a business trip and hoping to squeeze
in some cool sights? You know what to do by now!

Talk to Locals
Hosts, whether they are in charge of your B&B or just locals hoping that visitors will have a good time, are usually willing to share detailed information about the best hikes and walks nearby. Some country establishments even have their own, private trails which trusty Google
Maps wouldn’t even spot. And then there are the secret beauty spots only known to locals – don’t miss out. All it takes is a willingness to talk to folks and find out what’s worth visiting. By the way, famous walks and hikes aren’t always the best ones, so do get opinions from people who know the area well.

Get in Touch With Local Conservation Organizations
Conservation organizations are usually in charge of the good spots – and information on your options isn’t all they have to offer. For example, in South Africa, Wild Card membership gets you unlimited access to all the National Parks Board’s loveliest places. Pay a flat fee and get it all! At the very least, conservation bodies will offer useful information on the best fishing spots, hiking trails and scenic views as well as the wildlife you’ll see there. That’s worth knowing. Interesting geological history? Unique flora and fauna? Ask the experts who take care of it all.

Try an App
Lest we forget the maxim “there’s an app for that,” there are multiple apps for keen outdoors folks looking for the right walk or hike. Some of them are pretty advanced and even include detailed maps, but as far as I can see, they all have geographical limitations. No wonder. I have no idea how many walks and hikes there are out there, but the global total must be
phenomenal! Search for an app that targets the area you’re visiting and get an inside view of available hikes.

No matter where you are, there’s bound to be a beauty spot you should visit. Don’t miss out. Find the places you shouldn’t miss and fit in what you can. If you’re traveling, you’ll never have time to do it all – but you can pinpoint the ones that sound worth a closer look and enjoy some extra adventures along the road.



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    I really enjoyed the tips in your article about finding a hike in the area you are visiting. I like to hike areas when I travel somewhere different. Websites are always a good source to find this information but I did not think about the conservation groups. Great ideas for finding good hikes, thanks for sharing your information.


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