A Guide to Cruise Trips for Hiking Enthusiasts

A Guide to Cruise Trips for Hiking Enthusiasts

Nowadays, many travellers are booking cruise trips for an adventure of a lifetime. In fact, the UK cruise industry is flourishing because there’s high demand for slots onlines including Royal Caribbean and the Princess Cruises. Travel counsellors found that more people are boarding cruise ships because they want to take a break from their everyday lives and experience everything they love about a holiday all in one location.

Cruise trips can indeed offer experiences that various types of people would love to encounter on holiday. Even hiking enthusiasts can look forward to many exciting activities on a cruise trip. So if you’re looking for your next adventure, here’s what you need to know about cruise trips:

The Benefits of Going on a Cruise Trip

Many escapades await hiking enthusiasts who want to go on a cruise trip. In fact, cruise lines have started to offer more adventurous trips because of the top travel trends this year. James Cole, the founder of Panache Cruises, noted that people are now looking for more exciting experiences. Thus, companies are satisfying people’s thirst for adventure by launching expedition cruises that focus more on onshore experiences, excursions, and ports of call. Through these expedition cruises, active people can look forward to various activities once they reach their destination.

A cruise trip can also be exciting, especially if you want to hike to multiple destinations. To illustrate, the cruises across Loch Ness can take you to Fort Augustus, Drumnadrochit, and Inverness. By riding this cruise, you can explore the different hiking trails in Fort Augustus and then head to the ones in Inverness afterwards. Likewise, you can embark on large cruise ships to reach multiple hiking trails in foreign countries.

Cruise Lines That Offer Hiking Experiences

Cruise lines offer different itineraries and activities for their passengers. Fortunately, there are cruise lines with exciting options for people who want to go on a hike during their holiday.

You can opt to board bigger cruise ships to hike in multiple countries, with luxury companies now offering unique hiking experiences as part of their packages. Luxury cruise liner Explora goes to various destinations in the US and Canada, and hiking enthusiasts can join their shore excursions. These include hiking across Forillon National Park in Gaspé, a 90-minute trek through the awe-inspiring Saguenay National Park, and a walking excursion to Uisge Bàn Falls. The company also offers Iceland and Greenland trips that give hikers the opportunity to explore Fjord-Dappled Coast and hike in Qaqortoq with intrepid explorer Mike Horn.

If you want to hike with a smaller group, you can try embarking on a luxury river cruise line. Jaime Loizou, the UK managing director of AmaWaterways, says that many travellers book a slot on their cruise ship to spend more time away from large crowds. On top of that, their ships also dock near historic sites and hiking trails, making it easy for you to join their hiking tour along the Danube or to explore on your own.

You can explore multiple hiking trails by travelling with cruise lines that provide adventurous excursions. If you are looking for inspiration and want more hiking tips, check out our resources here at The Helpful Hiker. You can get many ideas and learn about various hiking trails through our handy guides.



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