Review: Ladybird Books “What to Look for in…”

Review: Ladybird Books “What to Look for in…”

We were gifted a set of books in exchange for this post. All thoughts are our own.

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up of going to the same couple of parks, standing around in the mud and the cold, while the kids run off some energy. We usually love our outdoor time, however small or local, but when there is no alternative, it all feels a bit like hard work.

Luckily, I was recently sent a series of Ladybird Books which have added a bit of interest to our latest adventures, and got us all looking at things a little differently.

The illustrations are wonderful, making this series a great family keepsake

The “What to Look For” series is a beautifully illustrated set of books, full of interesting facts and, as it says on the tin, lots of things to look out for all year round.

The child friendly language make it a great way to introduce children to looking around them and getting the most out of any time spent outdoors.

A few short weeks ago we were battling the snow and frost, and it was the perfect time to read the winter book together. It may seem like a barren time of year, but there is lots going on below the surface.

Even in winter there is lots to look for

As we lay under a blanket of snow, there was plenty to see in our garden. We filled up our feeders and watched the birds and learnt about the night sky. The books also cover seasonal traditions, making them particularly useful for homeschooling!

The cold snap a few weeks ago was a great time to get hunting for tracks in the snow

The recent mild weather has started to bring about some changes, and we have been talking about the first signs of Spring. The great thing about these books is that there is plenty to learn about, even in your own garden or local park.

Looking for buds on the trees in our local park The early crocuses were a lovely sight I love the bright daffodils against the brown leaves, kind of sums up my mood lately as I can sense better times ahead, but it’s still a bit wintery

The children usually run off straight to the play area, but we have been taking our time and looking around us rather than rushing about. We talked about the daffodils and crocuses that we saw at the park, and Finn liked reading all the signs on the memorial trees (a bit morbid maybe, but he was interested and it sparked some great conversation about how old the trees were and why they were there).

The illustrations are a great starting point for talking about nature

We’ve had a sneaky peek at the summer book, there’s a page on the shore, which we will definitely be taking on our next camping trip to Norfolk. I’m also looking forward to learning a few wildflowers so I can point them out on our walks.

I’m looking forward to our Summer adventures!

Finn has managed to read little excerpts of the book, but he’s a bit put off by the full pages of text. He is only 6 though, so we’ll definitely get lots of use out of them. They are so beautiful, I am determined to look after them and keep them for many years to come.

What do you think of this series? Would they help to keep your children engaged on your outdoor adventures?



  • Kaz - Kaz - March 01, at 12:37

    These books sound fantastic, my little girl would really love them 🙂 It is lovely to see the signs of spring already – makes us feel so much more positive for sure 🙂

  • Lisa | Handmade in Israel Lisa | Handmade in Israel March 01, at 14:49

    I think these books have been around for years – nothing beats a good Ladybird book – but these new bright and clean illustrations make them look beautiful! #adventurecalling

  • Hels Hels March 01, at 16:56

    Such a great idea to have a focus for your family exploration! Fun and educational too. You must be looking forward to summer for many reasons now. We sometimes issue challenges, like finding the biggest/ whitest/ most unusual object – a treasure hunt in the trees. #adventurecalling

  • Lauren Lauren March 31, at 22:15

    These look brilliant. Will have a look into them for Rowan. He has some little swatch books from the woodland trust about identifying trees, birds, toadstools and all woodland wildlife. I reckon these books would be really helpful too.



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