Easy Ways to Make Money Online (and how much I’ve made!)

Easy Ways to Make Money Online (and how much I’ve made!)

I know that this isn’t my usual subject matter, but seeing that a) there are lots of people like me who are looking for a few more pennies to fund their adventures and b) I am lucky enough to have a platform, I thought I’d share my favourite easy ways to make money online.

There are very many ways to make money online, some of them (like starting a blog) take months, if not years, before earning any money, but there are a few websites that can help you to make a bit of money online quicker. All of these sites below just take a few minutes of your time.

I use all of these websites regularly, so I’ll give an overview of each one and share how much money I’ve made from them.

I have included some referral links, but as I have said, these are all websites that I use a lot and am happy to recommend.


Topcashback is by far my favourite cashback site. I have been using it for a few years now and it has made me lots of money. My best ever deal was the £100 I got in 2020 from insuring my cats, it basically halved the yearly cost! Topcashback is free to join, although I pay an extra £5 a year (which is taken from my cashback balance) for Plus membership, which has a range of benefits and is well worth the fiver.

If you shop online, it really is a no brainer to use a cashback site. You simply visit Topcashback, find the merchant you want to shop with, and click through to their site from Topcashback. It will track your purchases and award the specified cashback. It’s that simple.

They often have competitions running (for example I won £5.10 from their Halloween promotion) and special offers which are worth looking out for. The best deals are usually for things like renewing car and home insurance or changing energy suppliers.

£££ LIFETIME EARNINGS (as of 30/12/22) £1094.89 £££

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I have used A LOT of survey sites in a bid to make some money online. Most of them are frustrating and overly complicated, plus I hate the ones that pay you in points and it takes eleventy billion years to earn a £10 gift card.

After trying out so many, I have come to the conclusion that the only one worth bothering with is Prolific. This site is slightly different, in that many of the surveys (or studies) are for academic research, although there are market research type questions too. This means that they are often more interesting than your average survey site, for example the studies are often in the form of games or are interactive. Prolific also pays in cold, hard cash to a Paypal account (with a very reasonable minimum withdrawal of £5) and many of the surveys pay very quickly. I have been using Prolific for around 18 months and have found it very straightforward to use. I don’t spend much time on it, just a few minutes here and there when I have time.

One note of caution, it is hard to get in to and there is a waiting list, I think I had to wait a while to get accepted before I could start doing studies.

£££ LIFETIME EARNINGS (as of 30/12/2022 £527.32 £££


OhmyDosh is similar to a cashback site, in that you click through to other brands from the site and are awarded cash for doing so. It’s slightly different in that you are rewarded for signing up to services or websites, participating in trials, as well as making purchases.

This site is how I ended up trying out so many surveys, as I signed up through OhmyDosh and got a bonus for doing so.

I have found this a little hit and miss, some offers are a bit spammy (it’s definitely worth having a separate email address for this site) but for others I have made some decent enough money. I don’t use it very much, I’ve literally just dipped into it a few times, although this post has reminded me to go back and take a look and see if there are any new offers to tempt me.

£££ LIFETIME EARNINGS (as of 23/06/22) £139.75 £££

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Switch Suppliers

If you’re looking to save a few pennies, it’s vital that you shop around for those big expenses, like car and home insurance and energy bills. (Also, don’t forget to do it through Topcashback to make some cash!)

I regularly check that I’m getting a good deal on my gas and electricity. I’ve been with Octopus Energy for a few years and really recommend them. I am currently on a tariff for loyal customers (which is as low as I can find) and their customer service is good. With energy bills rising, it’s a good time to check that your supplier is the right one for you.

*** If you decide that Octopus is the right choice, use my referral link and get a whopping £50 off your bill! ***


My latest obsession is selling clothes and children’s bits and bobs through Vinted. Any of my old clothes that are in good condition and a decent brand, I sell on. I have also started getting rid of a few of the kid’s old things. It’s a great way to declutter and earn a few pennies, although it is very tempting to spend my balance on more clothes! Compared to other sites, I find Vinted very easy to use and they pay out relatively quickly-usually within a couple of days.

Do you have any tips to make money online?

Let me know if you use any of these and share your successes!



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