How to be more active-even when you’re busy

How to be more active-even when you’re busy

Decathlon UK are on a mission to help everyone squeeze more exercise into their busy days. Their #howdoIgetfit campaign aims to show everyone just how easy it is to be a little more active and get a lot more from life.

Thes best thing about walking is you very little kit and can get started anytime anywhere

I, for one, know how difficult it can be to stay active when life gets in the way. Juggling home, work and family often leaves little time for anything else, leaving me feeling lethargic and overwhelmed. Making a concerted effort to go for a walk  couple of times a week has massive benefits, and is really easy to do.

Even now I’m pregnant and would rather be sat on the sofa eating chocolate, I still escape to my local park for a brisk walk as often as possible

Here are my tips for getting more activity into a busy lifestyle.

  • Think Small

I love hiking up mountains and getting away from it all, but the reality is that I can’t do that very often these days. Instead of getting despondent, I just try to cram lots of little walks into my free time. Instead of thinking “I don’t have time to go out walking for two hours”, why not break it down into more manageable chunks. A 30 minute walk is very doable in a lunch break. I also often walk instead of using the car to do errands and jobs, that way I can get everything done and enjoy spending more time outdoors.

  • Think Local

When making the most of your limited free time, it’s best to look to your local area. At first glance it might not seem that inspiring (unless you’re lucky enough to live in a beauty spot) but try looking a little deeper and you may uncover some hidden gems. I also use OS Maps Greenspace feature to find parks and open spaces near me.

The Greenspace layer is perfect for learning more about your local area and finding new places to get outside

  • Think of your Feet

One of the best things about walking is that you need very little kit to get started. The one thing you do need is a decent pair of walking shoes or boots (I prefer boots as I like the support around my ankle). I also recommend good quality socks to help prevent blisters and keep your feet smelling fresh.

A decent pair of walking shoes or boots is a great investment.

  • Think of a Buddy

If you’re struggling for motivation, agreeing to get out for a walk with a friend is a great way to keep on track. Half an hour of brisk walking with a friend while putting the world to rights is a perfect way to boost your wellbeing. Failing that, walking is a great activity for the whole family. If time is tight, just take everyone along with you.

Walking is the perfect activity for all ages and abilities

What are your top tips for squeezing in more exercise? Do you find it a struggle to make time for your favourite sport?

Let me know in the comments below.

Decathlon gifted me the fleece and boots I am wearing in the above photos in order to help me get out walking. All opinions are my own



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