Review: Bundle Bed

Review: Bundle Bed

I first heard about Bundle Beds back at the beginning of 2016 just as they were due to launch their Kickstarter campaign. They got in touch to tell me about their great idea, and I thought it sounded fantastic!

In simple terms, a Bundle Bed is a complete, ready to use bed in a bundle! It contains a 5cm self inflating mattress (SIM) with sheet, a duvet and pillow. It all rolls up into a handy roll, complete with strap for easy carrying. I was excited by the idea-so was I impressed with the finished article?

Bundle Beds

The bed rolls up into a compact bundle

I was eager to get my hands on a Bundle Bed and the first thing that struck me was the quality of the product. It immediately felt strong and durable, particularly the outer covering and the buckles. You can tell that no corners have been cut here, with great design and high quality materials.

Bundle Beds

The quality of all the fixtures and fittings on the Bundle Bed is fantastic

It is easy to roll out, as with all SIMs you do need to blow into it to get it completely inflated, but it doesn’t take long at all. I might be boring, but I also love the fact that everything comes apart easily for cleaning.


The top sheet comes off for washing, plus the SIM can also be removed by undoing the zip

The 15 tog hydrophobic duvet feels really cosy and is so warm. Likewise, the pillow is super comfortable. We often just use tiny travel pillows when we camp, so this was a treat!


I love the attention to detail, the duvet and pillow are both held in place by buttons so you don’t lose them

We have tried this bed out while camping and at home when we’ve had overnight guests. We even made my mum sleep on it one night! To be honest, for us I think we’ll mostly use it as a spare bed at home. It’s so handy, Finn also loves it and uses it as a den!


Finn loves the Bundle Bed, often asking us to get it out for him!

It is comfortable on its own, although we have mainly used it with another SIM underneath for extra coziness.

Bundle Bed

The Bundle Bed comes complete with a pillow and super cosy duvet

The Verdict?

We were all very impressed with the design, comfort and the quality of our Bundle Bed. I have no doubt that it will come in very handy over the next few years. We are considering buying another, however the main drawback for us is the size of the Bundle Bed. It is quite narrow and, being tall and broad, Luke found it a little too small for him. I had no such problems, and I imagine that I will get lots of use out of it, as will Finn who is a masive fan!

The Bundle Bed comes in two sizes; large (190x60cm) and small (165x50cm). The large version comes in navy or grey and is priced at £199.99, while the small is available in either yellow or teal and is £149.99.

What do you think of the Bundle Bed?

Disclaimer: We were given a free Bundle Bed for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.




  • I like the idea of it being all in one, saves on having bits and bobs hanging around. But, I think it is a bit on the pricey side for me (being that we have all the kit lying around wen we’re not camping and I wouldn’t trust my cats with around £200 worth of inflatable bed!)

    Thanks for the great write up of it though, I had heard of it and was intrigued to find out more. I bet Finn is going to have tonnes of fun with it 🙂

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker November 29, at 20:11

      I really like the idea of having everything together in one place-the amount of camping kit we have is getting silly! It is on the expensive side, and more than I would usually spend, however the quality is great and I think we’ll get years of use from it.

  • M.Barrett M.Barrett November 25, at 20:31

    Certainly looks like something I’d like to own…. but not buy! I’ll stick to Plan A, which is an extra large £20 dog bed 🙂 If I had the cash, I’d be buying stuff like this all the time.

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker November 29, at 20:14

      It is expensive but I’m hoping we’ll get loads of use from it over the years. I’m quite glad I haven’t got a lot of spare cash, looking at new gear gets a bit addictive and I’ve got quite enough kit already!

  • MissjTulip MissjTulip November 27, at 21:47

    Love the look of it and the sound of it, however, for the price, I could buy a sofa bed! It’s good to read from your review that the quality matches the value of the product.

    Jenni Tulip
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker November 29, at 20:15

      It is expensive and I was dubious, but since getting my hands on it I can see where the money has gone. I just hope we get years of use out of it and it proves to be good value.

  • Zoe at Splodz Blogz Zoe at Splodz Blogz November 28, at 12:08

    I think this is a really fab idea, and I would definitely like one for my next camping trip. But I do think that even with the quality in mind, the price will ultimately put me off buying one (and probably a lot of other people too). I will have to remain jealous of those who have one 🙂 🙂

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker November 29, at 20:19

      It is expensive and that did put me off a bit, however we spend so much on sleeping equipment that it probably works out not too bad value-especially if it lasts as long as I hope! I’m envisaging many years of use ahead.

  • Ashley Beolens Ashley Beolens November 28, at 12:27

    Interesting concept, but I’m with the other commenters here seems quite pricey! Also how small does it roll down to?

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker November 29, at 20:24

      I can’t disagree, it’s not cheap but I am very impressed. Have just measured ours and it’s 60cmx 30cm when rolled up. It’s very portable that’s for sure.

  • BobD BobD March 21, at 03:20

    How’s it holding up so far?

    • The Helpful Hiker The Helpful Hiker March 21, at 08:17

      Still love it! Our son uses it when we go camping and we also use it for guests at home.


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