Review: Summit to Eat Freeze Dried Adventure Food

Review: Summit to Eat Freeze Dried Adventure Food

We were recently sent some samples of freeze dried food adventure food from Summit to Eat  and we had great fun in the woods putting them to the test.

We tried out a 2 day ‘Festival Kit’ which retails at £19.50 and includes two main meals (pasta bolognese and chicken tikka) and two breakfasts (morning oats with raspberry and scrambled egg with cheese). There is also a vegetarian version available.

I loved our Festival Kit and the handy bag that it all came in.

Easy to Prepare

In order to try these out, we headed off to some local woods for a walk and a warm picnic. I love eating warm food outside on a cold day! To prepare the meals, you simply remove the oxygen absorber, add water to the fill line, stir and reseal for a few minutes. We take our biolite stove out for adventures like this, but I guess a flask of boiling water would work just as well.

The dried ingredients

The meals look a lot more appetising once the water has been added!


So, the important bit: how did they taste? I don’t know about you, but I remember freeze dried food from my DofE trips back in the day being quite unpalatable. That was over 15 years ago though and things have definitely changed. Not only did both the main meals taste good, but they’re designed to provide all of the calories and nutrition that an adventurer needs.

As demonstrated by the detailed information provided on the packaging, Summit to Eat take their responsibilities seriously.

For example, the pasta bolgnese provides 742 calories and just over 26g of protein, all in a pouch weighing 136g. I enjoyed both of the main meals we tried. I think I’d enjoy them even more if I’d spent a hard day out in the hills!

The Summit to Eat range passed the toddler taste test!

The Summit to Eat main meals were very tasty and easy to prepare. I also enjoyed the morning oats with raspberry, they tasted great and were really filling. The only meal I wasn’t keen on was the scrambled egg. In my experience, egg never comes out well in these type of meals, although it does pack in a load of protein (38.48g) so I can see why it is a good option for an adventurer’s breakfast!

The range is well packaged in these resealable pouches and offers a good choice of meals

Our Verdict

These meals are a good value and nutritious option for camping and hiking expeditions. They’re easy to prepare and are filling and taste good. I also like the fact that there is a good range of choices, including meat and vegetarian main meals, breakfasts and desserts.

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  • Jonathan Jonathan December 12, at 09:38

    Mmm, food, Dear Summit to Eat, if you need anyone to test your vegetarian range, just let me know! 😀 Lauren, did you find that the meals held their heat well?

    • The Helpful Hiker The Helpful Hiker December 14, at 19:37

      Yes, they did hold their heat. The pouches are resealable, which helps to keep the heat in. I tried making them with our stove, and once I just took a flask of hot water and even that was fine.


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