Review: Hydro Flask

Review: Hydro Flask

I recently got the chance to try out a Hydro Flask on our trip to the Peak District a couple of weeks ago. After all the wedding/work/family craziness it was nice to get back to doing what I enjoy: spending time outdoors and trying out new kit!

For reasons that I can’t be bothered to explain, I actually ended up with two flasks, a standard 21oz and a wide mouth 32oz so we put them both to the test. I had envisaged using them for a nice cool drink, however it was so cold that I was very excited about taking hot tea out on our walks!

Before we became parents, we would both take a small rucksack with a 2l bladder out on walks. These days it’s a bit trickier as Luke has Finn on his back so no room for water, and I have to carry more. Our larger rucksack has all the space we need, but it’s meant that we have had to find another way to take water out with us. Recently, we’ve just carried plastic bottles, but this isn’t ideal and quite wasteful. When I was asked if I could try out a Hydro Flask I was more than happy to give it a go!


The 210z Hydro Flask

We took both flasks up to the Peak District with us to give them a good workout. As I said, I was really only planning on using them for cold drinks.  As well as looking pretty cool, they are great quality and worked really effectively. All day while out walking we had nice chilled water to drink. (Hydro Flask state that their flasks will keep liquids chilled for 24 hours.) The next day they also worked just as well keeping my tea hot over the few hours we were outdoors in the cold June weather(!).  According to Hydro Flask’s product info, they should keep liquids hot for 6 hours. As we don’t stay out that long anymore, I did do a controlled test while at work one day and can report that my cuppa did indeed stay warm for 6 hours.

I really enjoyed trying them both out. I did prefer the smaller one as it was a bit more streamlined and clipped on nicely to my rucksack. The wide mouth version held enough for us both, but it was a bit bulkier and heavier.


The wide mouth 31oz version

I’m sure that both models will be joining us on many adventures throughout the summer.

Have you found the perfect outdoor hydration solution? What do you think of the Hydro Flask?

Disclosure: I was given both flasks in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.



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