Review: Boba Hoodie and a guide to babywearing in winter

Review: Boba Hoodie and a guide to babywearing in winter

I have to admit that I didn’t really get into babywearing the first time around. I bought myself a carrier for Finn but then only used it a few times and ended up ebaying it. This was mainly due to not knowing what I was doing, and also finding that my all-terrain pushchair was good enough in most situations. This time around it’s a different story! With two children, plus running a house and managing my freelancing business,  I need both my hands free. I have also found that on days when Ollie is a bit unsettled, holding him close to me calms him down and means that he gets into a really deep sleep and I can get a couple of hours of work done.

Here’s me and Ollie enjoying Fireworks night this year (yes, that’s a gruffalo onesie!)

I’ve used my carrier nearly everyday and tend to prefer it over my pushchair this time, however I have found that on colder days I struggle knowing what to wear and how to dress Ollie.

Babywearing in winter: what should the parent/carer wear?

I find wearing a coat a bit uncomfortable when babywearing in winter. Firstly, the carrier doesn’t quite fit as well when there are bulky layers between me and baby. I find that it’s always better to carry your baby as close to you as possible, both for your and the baby’s comfort, and also to ensure that baby is correctly positioned. Also, it just doesn’t feel as comfortable for Ollie when his face is pressed up against a hard and shiny coat. I like him to have something soft to snuggle into. I had been wearing a jumper or fleece, and then wearing a coat over the top but leaving it undone. This isn’t ideal, but it’s the best solution I’d found until I was introduced to the Boba Hoodie. 

The Boba Hoodie is my new favourite bit of kit

If I ever get round to doing a proper blogger monthly round up of my favourite things, my Boba Hoodie would jump right to number one! I absolutely adore it and can’t imagine how I managed without it. It’s a gorgeously comfortable and stretchy hoodie, with a hole across the chest that fits over your baby carrier and keeps you and baby cosy.

I love the way Ollie’s head pops up like a little joey!

It’s the perfect way to keep both you and your baby warm, while still wearing them close to you, ensuring that your carrier is comfortable and baby is in the perfect position. As with any quality products, it’s always the little details that make all the difference. The Boba hoodie has a side zip so that it’s super easy to take on and off without having to adjust your carrier or move anything.

There are also two zipper pockets (one on each side) which are ideal for your phone or some money, plus you can also reach in get access to your child from each side.

Babywearing in winter: what should your baby wear?

Dressing your baby in winter is a bit of a minefield and certainly something that I struggled with when I started out babywearing. The main things to remember are that you don’t want your baby overheating, and you want to keep them in the ‘M’ position.

The ideal ‘M’ position with knees slightly higher than the bottom and the thighs supported. Picture courtesy of The Hip Dysplasia Institute

If they’re dressed in bulky snowsuits while in a carrier, it makes it difficult for them to bend their legs adequately and may result in them not being in a ‘hip healthy’ position. The risk of developing hip dysplasia is highest in the first 6 months, so when your baby is small avoid positions where your baby’s legs are straight or where their thighs are not supported. I find that babies naturally want to be in the ‘M’ position so it feels very intuitive.

I’m currently using an Ergobaby 360 which I love and makes it easy to carry Ollie in the correct position

Bear in mind that your carrier acts as an extra layer, or even 2 depending on which style you use. This is another reason why bulky snowsuits are not recommended for use in a carrier. I tend to dress Ollie in layers, with tights under his trousers and a couple of thin tops and a jumper. I can then add more or take away depending on how he feels. It is important to make sure that your baby’s extremities are kept warm. I put some thick socks on, plus a hat or hood and mittens. I also keep a close eye on his temperature, although both of my children hate being hot so I recognise the signs when they start getting irritable.

The Boba Hoodie retails at around £55-60, so it isn’t cheap, however I think it offers good value and is well worth the investment. It is great quality and can be used with either a front or back carry, so I plan on using it well into toddlerhood.

These are just the basics, but hopefully it’s given you some pointers for what to wear when babywearing in winter. Let me know if you have any great tips.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Boba Hoodie by Slumber Roo for the purposes of this post. All views are my own. This post contains affiliate links, if you click through and make a purchase I may earn a small commission but there is no extra charge to you.

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    You might think that having a miniature furnace strapped to your chest is plenty warm enough. While on warm Spring days I d totally agree with you, on cool crisp Fall days it s just not enough. Enter the Boba Hoodie. This amazing piece of baby wearing genius is an absolute must have for anyone hoping to continue wearing their babies through the cooler days of the year. It s a baby wearing game changer! Let me tell you how it works.


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