Review: SunGod Sierras

Review: SunGod Sierras

I love this time of year, particularly the bright days when the sun is shining and the Autumn colours are so vivid. Due to the low sun, I find that I wear sunglasses now as much as I do in the summer, so I was really happy to be able to try out the new SunGod Sierras.

The recently launched Sierras looked really good and I loved the fact that you are able to customise your pair. As these are going to be my outdoor adventure sunnies, I went for something a little different. I have to admit that I’m usually a tortoiseshell girl, but it’s not everyday you get to design your own sunglasses, so I went for navy frames and green lenses. I was a bit apprehensive as I’m not usually so bold, but after wearing them for a while now, I absolutely love them!

The ability to customise your sunglasses is very cool

SunGod are not just interested in how they look though. They want to challenge the current market, which is saturated with overpriced designer brands. They do this by creating custom eyewear with great durability and longevity, perfect for outdoor adventures. By selling direct to the public they are also able to offer better value than the designer brands. At £65 I certainly think that the SunGod Sierras are very competitively priced for a good quality pair of sunglasses.

SunGod pride themselves on their #adventureproof glasses

I was really impressed with my glasses, they were really comfortable and lightweight (weighing just 25g), yet also really strong due to the flexible frame. Having a three year old, all of my sunglasses, and everything else I own, has to withstand being grabbed, thrown and generally mistreated by surprisingly strong little hands. I’m happy to report that my Sierras are still in one piece and looking as good as new. If they were to break however, SunGod offers a lifetime guarantee, which is pretty unprecedented!

Being made from TR90 memory polymer and having screwless pop-lock hinges means they’re extremely light and very durable, so suitable for all outdoor adventures

It’s not something I ever used to bother about, but looking after your eyes is important so I now always look at my sunglasses to make sure that the lenses offer adequate protection. The  Sierras boast SunGod’s trademark 4KO® lenses and 100% UV protection so I know that my eyes are well protected.

The SunGod Sierras are perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors and needs an adventure proof pair of sunglasses that can withstand the elements and whatever the hills can throw at them. They are also ideal for winter sports and anyone with a grabby toddler.

I am incredibly impressed and have hardly taken mine off for the last month, although I don’t know how long I can stop my husband from stealing them!

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Disclaimer: I was gifted a pair of SunGod Sierras for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, if you click through and subsequently make a purchase, I earn a small commission. I only use affiliate links where I personally recommend a product.



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