Best Outdoor Hashtags

Best Outdoor Hashtags

I’ve learnt a lot from my few years in the blogging world and so thought I’d jot a few things down in case it can help someone else. I spend a lot of time finding ways of promoting my posts and trying to find the best outdoor hashtags to use across social media. It seems that most other categories of bloggers-lifestyle, travel, parenting, food, beauty etc-are all very sociable with billions of hashtags to choose from. However, I always struggle finding specific outdoor hashtags. I have been hanging out with the parenting crowd recently and hijacking some of their hashtags, however I consider myself an outdoor blogger first and foremost so thought I would collate a few that I use, or that are relevant to outdoorsy types. There is quite a bit of overlap with travel and lifestyle bloggers.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so please tell me what I’ve missed out.

First of all, I have to mention the linky and community that I co host, #AdventureCalling. It would be great to see some of you there, it’such a good place to get some outdoor inspiration.


Of course this list is in addition to classic hashtags such as #camping #walking #hiking (I tend to use this last one quite a bit as it’s one less character than walking and also popular in USA).

One hashtag I use all the time is #OutdoorBloggers, the brainchild of @Splodz and @MissJTulip who have set up the brillant Outdoors Bloggers Directory.

I also use #GetOutside (Ordnance Survey campaign, useful for any active or outdoor posts), especially as I am now a GetOutside champion for 2017!

There are hashtags for specific days of the week, relevant ones include:

  • #MountainMonday 
  • #TravelTuesday 
  • #UKGeocachingHour (Tues 8-9pm)
  • #WalkWednesday
  • #WaterfallWednesday
  • #UKHolidayHour (Thurs 8.30-9.30pm)

There are some general blogging hashtags that are great for discovering new blogs and sharing your posts:

  • #SundayBlogShare 
  • #MondayBlogs


I love instagram and can spend hours flicking through beautiful photos. I do, however, find the amount of hashtags a bit overwhelming.
Here I’ve picked out any that are outdoor relevant from the 100 most popular hashtags

  • #photooftheday
  • #picoftheday
  • #nature
  • #sun
  • #sky
  • #[relevant season]
  • #instago
  • #clouds

Other useful outdoor hashtags include:

  • #keepitwild  
  • #simplyadventure
  • #wildernessculture
  • #lifeofadventure
  • #liveoutdoors  
  • #beautifuldestinations
  • #roamtheplanet
  • #discoverearth
  • #wherewillwegonext  
  • #makemoments
  • #exploremore
  • #stayandwander  
  • #goexplore
  • #destinationearth
  • #familytravel
  • #exploringtheworld
  • #welltravelled
  • #lovelifeoutside
  • #womenforwildlands
  • #staywild
  • #wildkids

There are also some great instagram communities that will feature other people’s posts on a daily or weekly basis. These are predominantly child/family focussed, but here are my favourites

  • #pottyadventures
  • #curiouslittleexplorers
  • #whatevertheweatherkids
  • #explorerkids
  • #childhoodunplugged
  • #LiveAuthentic
  • #LiveFolk
  • #KeepItWild

You can always keep a list of hashtags saved in your phone so you don’t have to type them all out each time you post.

If you’re looking to up your Instagram and Pinterest game, I really recommend Tailwind, it makes scheduling so easy.

I’m always updating so let me know what I’ve missed!

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    Fab post Lauren, I’m stealing your list if that’s ok? A regular one I use which I don’t see is #staywild which the wild life trusts use when #30DaysWild isn’t running and I also use #wildkids xxx

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    Thank you so much! this helps so much!! if anyone is looking for a more extensive list of helpful travel hashtags for instagram, I made a huge list of popular travel hashtags by region of the world:

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    Thanks for creating a nice, concise list! I’ve also discovered a few that might help!
    #bewild #modernoutdoors #instanature #liveoutthere #naturelovers

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    Thanks so much for sharing these hashtags. I would love to add one into the mix – #3hrsfromhome

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