How to Get Noticed as a New Blogger

How to Get Noticed as a New Blogger

I don’t write many posts about blogging tips, but as I’ve been working on this blog for the last few years, I have picked up some knowledge that I think could help others. Today, I’m particularly talking to new bloggers, those of you who have set up a blog, maybe written a few posts and are thinking “what the hell do I do now?” I’ve been there. I remember looking at other bloggers and wondering how they manage to make everything look so effortless, while I was stumbling along with little direction.

One attitude that I have come across, and definitely something that I’ve been guilty of, is thinking that I have to be an ‘established’ blogger before getting involved in the blogging world. If you take one piece of advice away with you from this post, it’s this: just get stuck in. There’s no perfect time, no perfect level that your blog needs to get to. Just put your game face on and get yourself out there.

Here’s a few ways that helped me to get my blog noticed in the early days.

  • Social Media

Social media is a great tool for promoting your blog posts. But more than that, it’s a great way to engage directly with brands, other bloggers and your readers. Don’t be guilty of link dumping, take the time to interact and share relevant content. Make sure that you are following other bloggers in your niche and don’t be scared of contacting them. If you read a post that you enjoy, share it via Twitter or Facebook and tag the blogger.  Likewise, even if you aren’t working with brands at the moment, make sure you’re following ones that you would like to work with in the future. If you mention a product in a post, make sure you tag the company and let them know. I got a few retweets and shares on Facebook from mentioning brands that I genuinely loved, even though I hadn’t been paid to endorse them. Also, look out for relevant twitter chats, which are a great way to find new followers and get yourself noticed. I’ve got a great list of hashtags here which are perfect for outdoor bloggers.

  • Join a Linky (or two!)

I love linkies. When I started blogging, I found that they were great for finding new blogs and increasing my page views. It also helped to make me feel like I was part of the blogging community. I don’t do very many now as I don’t have a lot of time and they do take a certain amount of commitment. If you’ve never joined a linky before, the general idea is that several bloggers all contribute a post to the link up, sometimes they have a theme and sometimes any sort of post is accepted. There are usually a few rules, such as you need to add a badge linking to the host and comment on a certain number of other posts. There is a comprehensive linky guide here from Becky at Cuddle Fairy, while Aby at You Baby Me Mummy, has a list of just about all the linkies that are currently running. I co host my own linky, #AdventureCalling which runs every other Wednesday and is open to any outdoor themed post. If you have any questions about linkies or would like to join in, please get in touch and I can talk you through it.

  • Join the Community

When I started blogging I suffered from imposter syndrome, I felt like such a fraud, so I hung about on the fringes scared of being found out. I really wish that I had joined blogging groups and got involved sooner as they have been a great source of advice and support. There are many facebook groups, for example I have found Blogger Club Uk and Mamapreneur Revolution to be particularly helpful. I have also joined groups that offer blogging opportunities and tips, as well as groups for travel and outdoor bloggers. There are also a few organisations that are worth joining for opportunities and tips. I am a member of Britmums, Outdoor Bloggers and Trips100. It’s worth having a look around and seeing if there are groups in your niche.

  • Start your own Community

You might find that you can’t find the perfect group for you. So why not start your own? It’s very easy to start your own Facebook group, and then you can set the rules. If that isn’t your thing, why not start your own linky? It’s not as daunting as it sounds, and if you do it with another blogger you get twice the promotion and someone to share the burden. It’s also very easy to set up a Tailwind tribe if Pinterest is your strength. Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest, which is super easy to use (even I can do it, and I’m not an expert!). It’s easy to create and join tribes, which are basically groups where bloggers can add their own pins and then must re-pin other people’s in return. If your strength is Instagram, you can also set up a hashtag community. Basically, find a hashtag that suits your niche (and preferably one that isn’t already widely used) and encourage people to share photos using your hashtag. Many bloggers put together a monthly or weekly round up post and feature their favourite pictures.

So there’s just a few ideas to help you hit the ground running with a new blog. Hopefully it helps, and if you’ve got more ideas, let me know in the comments below.

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  • Sarah Sarah February 09, at 12:36

    These are great tips! As a new blogger, these are really helpful #TheListLinky

  • Great help thank you. I’ve clicked through a few links. I really would like to host a linky too soon – I’m a bit nervous to take the plunge.

  • obsessive.compulsive.mother obsessive.compulsive.mother February 09, at 20:40

    Thanks, this was a really helpful post to read. I tend to keep waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to do things, but you are right – we should just jump in! #TheListLinky

  • Tash Tash February 10, at 08:14

    These are great tips! I don’t know what I’d do with out Mamapreneur Revolution & Linkies. They have both helped so much! #TheListLinky

  • Jenny- Rabbit Ideas Jenny- Rabbit Ideas February 10, at 12:49

    Great post- I have been wracking my brain to see if I can think of any more… I really think you’ve covered it! Thanks for sharing- Your blog is great, BTW! #thelistlinky

  • Welsh Mum Writing Welsh Mum Writing February 10, at 14:10

    Brilliant advice. Linkys and groups are such a great way to get out there, plus learn lots of useful stuff! #thelistlinky

  • Marylin Marylin February 10, at 15:57

    Awesome tips! I think for me the best thing has been engaging with others on twitter – I’ll be watching a show and have a look to see who I’m following is also watching it, and chatter away. 🙂
    The SEND (special education needs and disabilities) blogging community has been a godsend for me over the years, with my youngest being autistic. To me, connection and engaging with others is what it’s all about. 🙂

  • Marylin Marylin February 10, at 15:58

    Sorry, meant to add in the #TheListLinky hashtag with my comment – feel free to edit it to add and delete this one 😉 x

  • Love these ideas, thank you!

  • Crummy Mummy Crummy Mummy February 15, at 19:42

    Starting my own community is something I’ve not done…yet! #thelistlinky

  • Kids of the Wild Kids of the Wild March 07, at 16:45

    Great tips Lauren, thanks for sharing. I’m still struggling with how to make the best use of Pinterest so I will take a look at Tailwind. Might send you a DM when I have time for your advice. It’s probably that I don’t really have the time to spend on all the media platforms and since the blog doesn’t make any money I can’t tell if it’s worth it.


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