Why Should You Carry Back Support Belts For Hiking

Why Should You Carry Back Support Belts For Hiking

Hiking is a fantastic recreational activity that connects you to nature and helps you test your body without overdoing it. However, while it might seem easy, it can be mentally and physically demanding. That’s why hikers tend to pack well according to the duration of the activity, terrain, and other considerations. In hiking, back support belts from RS can provide fantastic support. Let’s explore why back support belts are great for your outdoor adventures

1. Added Weight Distribution & Comfort

Primarily, hiking activities require you to prepare a bag, specifically, a hiking bag. The hiking bag contains your essentials like water, food, clothes, gear, and other necessities. Depending on the number of days of the hike, the bag’s weight might vary. Even single-day hikes require 5-10 kgs of backpack. 

Hiking bags themselves come with shoulder, lumbar, and other supports. They are tightly snug around your body to make it easier for you to carry them. However, back support belts are designed to support your lower back and reinforce your bodily posture.

Wearing it could further enhance the support you require, and distribute the weight of the bag and your body for you to work better. Moreover, it reduces the chance for you to strain your back. 

2. Better Stability & Posture 

A back support belt from RS helps stabilize your core and provides additional strength to carry weight and perform certain tasks. Depending on the type of belt you get, you might even receive extra cushioning and dispersion of force while you move around. Thus, it can help you navigate through uneven terrain, ascend slopes, or climb curves without any issues.

You will maintain better balance, acquire stability, and maintain a posture. This can help you with healthier lower back alignment, which is necessary for you to get sporty without the worry of the repercussions. Of course, you still need to be careful, just a bit less. 

3. Prevention of Injuries & Strains

Regardless of age, the lower back is susceptible to a wide range of injuries. Even young ones tend to strain their backs by overworking themselves. That’s where the back support belts can assist by providing proper support needed for your lumbar region. While it is not a fool-proof equipment, it can significantly reduce the chances of back-related injuries.

Therefore, even the most seasoned hikers tend to prefer to wear lower-back support and other equipment, as moving around can turn into a high-impact exercise. 

4. Additional Attachments of The Belt

Depending on the kind of belt you purchase from the RS, it can come with pockets and attachment points. Thus, you can easily carry various tools, energy bars, or other bags by hooking them up. Belts often have space for tools and even gadgets like smartphones. You can quickly access them without the need to shuffle through the backpack each time. Thus, it can save time and easily turn into a game changer in emergencies. 

5. Back Support Belts Are Versatile

Back support isn’t limited to just hiking. There are many other activities like camping, cycling, running, or going on a trip in general. All these can benefit from the back support backs, especially the bumps and turbulence of travel, which can make the back support belts an indispensable travel companion for you. 

How To Choose The Right Belt?

Now that you know of the various benefits the back support belts from RS offer, it is equally pivotal to consider what to look for while buying them. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Check for durable material that can last you. Reinforced webbing can be a good idea.
  • Make sure that the belt is adjustable and not the one-size-fits-all kind of deal. It will support you better, especially with a wide range of clothing layers.
  • Always opt for highly breathable material for the back support, whether you plan on wearing it inside or outside. 
  • Check for the attachment points and pockets. If you want a seamless belt that you can wear inside, you will have to compromise on pockets and points.

Make sure that the back support belt has the right level of support for you with proper rigidity and flexibility. 



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