Alpaca Trekking with Temevale Alpacas

Alpaca Trekking with Temevale Alpacas

If you saw my recent post ‘5 Reasons The Malverns are perfect for an outdoor break’, you’ll know that we had an amazing trip recently. As part of our weekend away, we were treated to a unique experience: alpaca trekking with Temevale Alpacas. I really didn’t know what to expect, however it turned out to be a brilliant and fun way to spend time together outdoors as a family.

The full experience is a four mile/2.5 hour walk where, as well as seeing the beautiful countryside, you get to learn all about alpacas. As Finn is a bit too young for that, we went for a shorter walk around the grounds, which turned out to be just perfect for us.

We started our experience listening to a talk about these amazing creatures, and it was a great introduction. If you ever need an alpaca fact, I’m your girl! Did you know, for instance that they come in over 20 recognised colours,  or that alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic?

It was soon time to head outside and meet our alpaca walking companions for the morning.

Me with Arnie, Finn and Teddy and Luke and Chas.

They are very gentle creatures and really easy to lead, so don’t worry if you’re not a natural with animals. I think that Finn was a bit unsure at first, but he soon got the idea.

Finn and his buddy Teddy. When we got back he was telling everyone about his ‘paca’

We walked around the fields and got the chance to watch the other alpacas enjoying themselves. Luckily, despite the grey skies, the rain held off. It was a strangely relaxing experience as you can only go as fast as your alpaca, and they don’t rush. We soon got used to it and fell into a nice rhythm. We also had a few stops to take photos and savour the experience.

Alpaca trekking was a first for me, but definitely something I would do again.

When I told Luke that we were going to go alpaca trekking, his first reaction was “Alpaca trekking?! How is one of them going to carry me?”

Temevale also offer glamping and we got the chance to see some of the accommodation options. It was a lovely spot down by the water and both me and Luke made a note for future trips. There is a shepherds hut and a log cabin, but we were both rather taken with the impressive treehouse.

The treehouse sleeps six and is in an idyllic spot by the trout pool.

We walked around the pool a couple of times as it was such a nice spot and then we headed back to base for a drink and a snack. Finn was given some fleece to take home, which he excitedly took to nursery to show all of his friends.

We had a lot of fun and I can recommend alpaca trekking for anyone looking for something a little different to do with their family and friends.

The full experience cost £25 for adults and £15 for children (7 -14 years). A shorter walk, as we did, is available with prior notice.

We were gifted this experience by Malvern Hills District Council as part of our weekend break. All opinions are my own.




  • Urska Urska May 23, at 09:46

    What an awesome experience! I’ve read about alpaca trekking before and would love to do it too. Seems like so much fun. 🙂 #AdventureCalling

  • Grand Adventure Story Grand Adventure Story May 23, at 10:21

    I’m with Luke on this one – I’d be fully expecting it to carry me, or at least my bags! Looks like a fun day out. #AdventureCalling

  • Emma Hip2trek Emma Hip2trek May 23, at 11:14

    Aw this looks so amazing and I loved seeing your photos on social media. I’ve found a place near us that does something similar, but so far the kids have just been to an open day to pet and feed the alpacas. I’m also jealous, looks like you had great fun! #Adventurecalling

  • Annabel Annabel May 23, at 11:33

    This sounds such good fun. My inlaws live quite near Malvern so I might get them to try it out with us! #adventurecalling

  • What a fun way to spend some time outside. I love the facts about alpaca too – always a lover of the odd factoid. I will have to check whether there is something similar near Manchester. ETA I have just found one up the road and think it might be a great present for my other half! Thanks so much for the idea! #adventurecalling

  • Alice V Alice V May 26, at 02:36

    Neat way to enjoy the outdoors with a unique walking adventure. I bet my little ones would love to meet one of them! #AdventureCalling

  • Gareth Gareth May 28, at 08:02

    Wow! What a great thing to do! Such great creatures and fun for all. We have something similar closeby to us and my little one enjoys the visits, but never have we trekked. Thanks for the share, Lauren.

  • Lauren Lauren May 28, at 13:39

    They are adorable. Sounds like you had a lovely time


  • David - Potty Adventures David - Potty Adventures June 05, at 09:50

    This sounds like such a cool experience – our two would love it! I have no idea they came in so many colours. I’m definitely going to keep my eye open for a similar experience in North Wales. #adventurecalling

  • How I love that picture of the tree house! Sorry, getting distracted here. Alpaca trekking sounds good, I like that the animals force you to follow their pace, rather than the opposite. Somebody shared something about alpaca trekking close to us here in Ireland, I’m going to check it out.

  • Helena Helena June 06, at 10:05

    My eldest would love to do this and try out the tree house, One to consider when the girls are a lot older. #AdventureCalling


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