Top 3 Water Activities to Include in Your Holiday Hike

Top 3 Water Activities to Include in Your Holiday Hike

Holidays present a perfect opportunity for outdoorsy people to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Unfortunately, most of us have short holidays that might be over before we even hit the outdoor as planned. Therefore, it might be a good idea to find a way to combine these activities. For
instance, you can incorporate your summer water activities into your hiking plans.

Of course, enjoying water activities during your hike can be a little challenging since most hiking trails do not have water bodies. The first step towards including water activities in your next holiday hike is choosing hiking trails with lakes, fountains, rivers or any other water body. The next step is picking the activities you will incorporate into your holiday hike.

Pedal Boating

Pedal boating is one of the easiest ways to include water activities in your holiday hike. Cruising in a pedal boat is arguably the best water activity for a hiker since it works out the entire body, which is one of the primary goals of hitting the trails. You can pedal boat on any water body, provided you find a calm spot where there are no huge rocks or waterfalls.

Before you can go pedal boating, you first have to acquire a boat. Luckily, these boats are affordable, and you can opt for a rental option if you are a little short on finances. If you own a pedal boat that has been sitting for a while, you might need to visit Malibu boat and get the spares you need to get it up and running


When we talk about water activities, it is relatively impossible to fail to mention swimming. So, if you are looking for water activities to include in your holiday hike, you might as well consider swimming in natural fountains and rivers.

Swimming and hiking share lots of benefits. Both are cardiovascular in nature, so they help improve your heart health and, consequently, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Apart from the science part, swimming is fun! You can even compete with your hiking mates to make the activity more enjoyable.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing have a lot of similarities. The only difference between the two is the type of equipment used. A canoeist uses a paddle with a blade at just one end, while a kayaker uses one with blades at both ends.

If you are searching for an activity to include in your holiday hiking plans, consider kayaking and canoeing. Like hitting the trails, these water activities help work out the entire body, improving cardiovascular strength. It also builds muscle strength in your hands, legs and the chest as paddling involves rotating
the torso and anchoring the body with your legs.


The holidays provide a perfect platform for us to go hiking and camping, among other outdoor activities. With the holiday periods getting shorter and shorter, it might be a good idea to create a fully packed plan that incorporates most of these activities.



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