A Guide To The Best Hiking Trails In The World

You can ask 100 avid hikers which is the best hiking trail in the world and chances are you will get a lot of different answers. But, if you ask a hundred hikers what makes a trail great, they will offer similar responses. Before we begin our guide to the best hiking trails in the world, let us explain what was considered before a trial could be added to our list.

What makes a hiking trail a great trail?

  • Scenery

For a trail to be great, it must stimulate the hiker. It must be interesting and it must offer a pleasant environment. Hikers love the outdoors, They want to submerge themselves in the elements of nature. A dull trail with nothing to look at is a turn-off.

  • Payoff

Like any athlete, there must be a reward at the end of the quest. Reaching the end of a hike and looking out over a breathtaking view is the payoff. It is the view that only those who push hard and challenge the trail and themselves get to partake in.

  •  Variety

A great trail is unpredictable. Maybe it is walking through a forest at a point where different trees are grown. Maybe is a crest that opens to a pasture of flowers. Perhaps it is an unexpected creek or stream or a waterfall. A great trail must provide a variety for the hiker.

  •  A Challenge

A hiking trail must be a challenge. It must require strength, mental aptitude, planning, and commitment. If the trail is too easy, there is not enough reward to draw the avid hiker.

Before You Begin

Hiking is a sport that relies on your personal skills. However, you need good equipment. When you are hiking, your boots are the only thing between your feet and the harsh terrain. Your hat is the only thing shielding your head from the rays of the sun, rain, and snow. You need a quality backpack. You need hiking pants for men that are designed for the sport. For some reviews on hiking and camping gear click here.

Top picks for best hiking trails in the world

Te Araroa in New Zealand

Te Araroa is the considered a premier trail. It is 1864 miles divided into 160 tracks. This trail is famous due to the diverse landscape. Scenery includes alpine ridges, coastal sand, and thick jungle. The tracks snake around and through national parks and farmland.

This is a major hiking experience. The trail normally takes 5-months to complete. The hiker will travel through so many regions in New Zealand that you will see every landscape source the country has to offer. It even reaches the slopes of Tongariro volcano and Takitimu Forest.


This 100-mile trail allows you a once in a lifetime experience. You travel along the mountain tops of Western Europe and through 3 different countries. You will see striking glaciers. You can travel the  Tour Du Mont Blanc in 3-days if you travel on the fast track. If you take your time and enjoy all there is to offer, the easy pace will take around 8-10 days.

You will travel many mountain peaks and descend into seven valleys. Due to the snow, this hike is best made in the summer months


If you had to describe this trail in one word, it would be “extreme”.  The 2650-mile trail takes you to extreme mountains and hot, dry, deserts. You travel around the sea and experience cascade volcanoes. You will hike through two national forests and see the giant Sequoias. This is a world class trail for the most experienced hikers. The Pacific Crest Trail is a feather in the cap of the United States and it puts the USA on a world-class trail level.


This mountain is known as “Goddess Mother of the World”. The hike is amazing and the view is unmatched. When you complete your hike, you are standing at the highest point on planet Earth! It doesn’t get much more exciting than that.

This is the ultimate high for a hiker. Be sure to consider the weather before beginning. Spring is a good time to go and into early summer. When the plants are alive and in bloom, this is a mountain paradise.

The hiker sees the world through different lenses than the rest of us. He is willing to take on mother nature and taste her bounty. No matter your skill level, there are trails around the world that beckon you. This is a call that only a few will answer and for them, it is worth everything.

Do you dream of tackling one of these challenging hikes?

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