Nene Way Challenge Part 2: Weedon & Flore

Nene Way Challenge Part 2: Weedon & Flore

See Part 1 here.

To the outsider this might not look like the most exciting leg of the Nene Way. It’s certainly not the most scenic or interesting bit, but I’ve been looking forward to this stretch and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve done this walk many times from a young age and I particularly enjoyed taking Finn with me as I walked through the village where I grew up.

I actually did this in two legs. For the first stage I walked from where I finished in Little Everdon last time to the end of the bridleway. This 1.6 mile stretch passed through some beautiful open countryside. Once again the weather was perfect for walking, I’m really enjoying this amazing Indian summer!



I’m quite proud of these photos. I’m finding that it’s sometimes quite difficult to get into the best position to take a picture with Finn on my back, although I do seem to end up doing lots of squats which is at least toning my legs up nicely!

A couple of days later I returned to walk the next section. You can see the route here. This bit went through the villages of Weedon and Flore. I find that walking on the road is easier on the legs, even if it’s not always quite as scenic.


The Nene Way passes through the churchyard of St Peter and St Paul at Weedon

I walked through the village following the Nene Way signs. I had left the map behind as I thought I’d be fine without it. (I did go wrong once but only very slightly-you can see where on my route near the church).  I reached the bottom of the village and passed under the railway bridge, I should have gone through the churchyard here, but I carried on walking along the road. After going under the canal bridge, I climbed a set of steps up to the canal.

It was nice to have a change of scenery and walk along the canal for a short while.


When I reached the bridge (as shown in the above pic) I headed away from the canal and towards the A5. This was the worst part, I don’t know if it’s because I had Finn on my back, but I felt very vulnerable crossing such a busy road. But once over it was a lovely walk over the river and up towards All Saints Church at Flore.


(Top) All Saints Church, where it is said the ancestors of John Adams (2nd President of USA) are buried. I remember the bridge (bottom right) being a lot more rickety when I was a child, I’m sure this is a relatively new installation!

As I crossed the River Nene, I was reminded of when I used to play by the river in my younger days. I distinctly remember a time when me, my sister and best friend were playing on an old rope swing over the water. We solemnly promised each other that if any of us fell in, the others would jump in and save us. Well my poor friend did fall in, and me and my sister were laughing so much we were completely helpless. Luckily, another friend who was there leapt to the rescue and it all ended happily. I look back on this with horror now, being a parent gives you another perspective, I’m certainly much more aware of dangers these days!

I walked through the churchyard and Finn started crying. This is such a rare event, he whinges a bit but hardly ever cries, and even if he does, it’s usually so easy to comfort him. This time however, even my best horse impression wasn’t enough to cheer him up. So we stopped for a breather and I let him sit on the grass and have some milk.  One of my old neighbours walked past and recognised me. She didn’t know about Finn and couldn’t believe it, I guess it just made her feel old! After a brief catch up, I put the carrier back on and we continued. I headed past my old primary school (I didn’t get a photo as it was finishing time and I don’t think people would’ve liked a stranger taking photos with so many children about) and past my old street. It’s always a funny feeling revisiting old haunts, especially as I was pretty much walking the route I used to take home from school. I definitely did a lot of thinking on this walk!


I finished at the edge of the village, looking across the fields at the next leg, which will take me to Nether Heyford.

Date of walk: 27th & 30th September 2015

Total miles of the Nene Way compeleted: 7.5

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  • Jenny Jenny October 07, at 22:39

    It looks a really lovely walk, lots of beautiful countryside and pretty buildings to see! It must have been a proper trip down memory lane walking along the streets where you used to live! I know what you mean about realising that you weren’t so careful as kids, I think we all must have thought ourselves invincible then and only as adults realise it’s not the case.
    Thanks for linking your lovely walk up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker October 12, at 08:57

      It was a fab walk, it made me feel very lucky to have grown up in such a lovely place. It’s so nice taking Finn back and showing him places that are important to me 🙂

  • chloelifeunexpected chloelifeunexpected October 11, at 20:20

    Oh my gosh you did 7.5 with a little one on your back. You put me to shame, I’m not unfit but I struggled to walk far with my daughter. Your pictures are so beautiful and this sounds like the perfect walk to clear your head, enjoy the fresh air and to do some thinking. I love visiting old places that I used to play. It’s amazing how small they all seem now isn’t it! 😀 Where you grew up is really beautiful. It’s great to reminisce and think about what your life used to be like. I find running into people I used to know really makes me think about the life path I’ve chosen and how different life is now.

    You’re so right about the dangers becoming so much more apparent now you have children. Honestly, I don’t know how my parents coped with me! I was a tree climbing, cliff jumping nightmare. Now I won’t even let my 18 month old go off into a soft play area without freaking out. How times have changed! Thank you so much for sharing this on #whatevertheweather x

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker October 12, at 08:44

      I’m not that fit really-I just do it in stages otherwise it would be overwhelming! You’re so right, it was great thinking about how my life has changed over the last 10 years, luckily I’ve no regrets (yet!) and so much to be thankful for! I always enjoy #whatevertheweather so thanks for hosting 🙂

  • Sarah Sarah October 13, at 18:22

    What a great way to reflect on old memories – I do all my best thinking while out walking. It looks a really beautiful walk 🙂 #MyFavouritePost

  • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker October 15, at 16:08

    So do I, it’s great having a few moments peace to get my head straight! 🙂

  • Marie Marie February 18, at 02:45

    Thank you I’m looking to retire in Weedon after many adventures in America, including being a cowgirl for real. So I need space and walks. The pics are lovely. I have been summoned back by my sons, but secretly I want to spend more time with my grandchildren. I think I have found my future home for my new adventure. So thank you.


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