6 Ways to avoid a DUI when you’re on vacation

You’ve worked hard all year long to ensure you and your family get the vacation you deserve. You want to be able to let your hair down, relax fully and of course spend some quality time with the ones you love. However, the last thing anyone wants is for their vacation fun to turn into a police arrest and possible jail time.

It’s normal to enjoy a drink on holiday, but how do you prevent those drinks from ruining your family time? Read on for 6 ways to avoid a DUI when you’re on vacation.

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Consider the police presence

During the peak vacation season, you’ll probably notice more of a police presence in and around your destination. Especially around the clubs, bars and restaurants, with local police ready to jump on anyone they suspect of driving under the influence. Take the lead from the police presence and consider not drinking at all.

Get a cab home

If you’ve been out, enjoyed a nice family meal and had a few drinks then you should reconsider your decision to drive. Are you over the limit? Have you had too much? If the answer is yes or you’re not sure if you’re over the limit or not, the best option is to call a cab and get a ride home instead. You can always collect your car again in the morning.

Appoint a designated driver

If you want to enjoy yourself and not worry about getting behind the wheel later, then appoint a designated driver when you’re out. You and your partner could take it in turns to be the driver if you’re planning an evening out more than once on your vacation. 

Don’t draw attention to yourself

You may not have even been drinking in order to get yourself involved with the police. Authorities will be on the lookout for anyone who looks suspicious, so even if you fall asleep in your vehicle whilst waiting to pick up your family from the beach, you could be questioned by the police. 

Drive appropriately 

A new location means roads you’re not used to, road signs that might not look familiar and speed limits you must adhere to. If you’ve had a drink and then choose to drive – despite being under the limit – if you’re driving erratically, excessively fast or even driving too cautiously, then you may arouse suspicion and be pulled over.

Leave the car behind

Is the restaurant or bar within walking distance? Do you really need to take the car out with you? Sometimes it’s just not worth the risk or the hassle! Stay safe and legal and leave the car behind at the accommodation. That way, you and your family can enjoy your vacation without a trip to the local jail.

Remember, if you’ve been arrested for a criminal charge such as a DUI, it’s imperative that you seek legal representation as soon as possible.  



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