My Top 3 Travel Essentials

My Top 3 Travel Essentials

Whenever we travel, I’m always the organiser. Not only do I plan most of our trips, but I’m also responsible for remembering all the paperwork and documents, navigating and knowing exactly where we need to be and when. I’m not a naturally organised person, and so I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make sure I don’t forget anything.

Here are my favourite 3 travel essentials.

Lifeventure RFiD Travel Wallet

When we travel I’m always a nervous wreck looking after everyone’s passports and the tickets. This is where a travel wallet comes in very handy. I basically use it like a big purse, making sure all the important documents are together, plus my cards and phone, and keeping it all easily accessible. I love the RFid travel wallet from Lifeventure as it’s great quality and really slimline. Some can be a bit bulky, this is just right, having room for the travel essentials, but small enough to slip in my handbag.

I like having all my documents etc easily accessible when travelling

I love the separate compartments, meaning that I can see where everything is without having to search

Although a travel wallet is obviously useful when going abroad, it’s just as handy for trips closer to home. We mostly holiday in the UK these days, and as we’re often camping I find it useful to print out everything we might need, for example a map and the campsite booking confirmation. We don’t always have great internet, so I love having a travel wallet to store all the papers together in one place so I can find the relevant info when needed.

Lonely Planet Travel Guide

I’m a bit old fashioned and love thumbing through a paper book. A guide book is great for taking travelling and always on my list of travel essentials. I know that you can get a lot of information online now, but you don’t always know that you’ll have good wi-fi, plus a guide book is great to pass the time while flying or travelling to your destination. I particularly love the Lonely Planet guides, they somehow manage to tread the line well of providing lots of information but in an accessible way.


I’ve written about how much I love our OUTXE powerbank before, and I really would never go camping without it.


We take so many devices that we really can’t do without a powerbank. The only exception is if we’re treating ourselves to a hotel or somewhere where we’ll have power, and in that case we use our Anker multi charger so we can charge all of our phones and tablets at once, and quickly.

I’m sure there’s plenty that I’ve forgotten so please do let me know the travel essentials that you can’t do without.

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