Life after travelling – what to do before your next big adventure

Heading home after spending weeks or perhaps months of travelling, visiting remote locations, discovering different ways of life, immersing yourself in new cultures, trying exotic foods and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – is like a lead balloon to your travel high. You might be looking forward to coming home and seeing your family and your friends again, sleeping in your own comfortable bed and reintroducing yourself to your home comforts, but once the initial excitement has worn off, what next? Normal life can suddenly seem very drab and dull…but don’t worry: it doesn’t have to be this way!

Here are 5 ideas to keep you busy before you pack up and head off again.

Your memories
You’ve probably taken thousands of photographs during your trip. Whether you’re up a mountain, paragliding, on the beach or you’ve captured the progress of the school you helped to build, you need to release the images trapped in your phone or camera and remind yourself what an incredible, life-changing experience you had. Set up an online album, print them off or head to Hello Canvas for some cool ideas of how you can bring your photography to life. If you’ve been travelling for months, this will certainly keep you busy for a while!

Find a new challenge
Sure you might not have to negotiate your way through a mountainside village or try to find your way back to your hostel, but when you get home you need to seek a new way to challenge yourself. Whether that’s enrolling in a new course, finding a new job or setting yourself a fitness goal, you need to embrace the blank canvas that is your life!

Try not to be a travel bore
You’ve had an amazing time, literally life changing and you’re probably not the same person you were when you left. With that in mind, try not to go on too much about it….! It can be totally frustrating to realise that some of your friends and family might not be as interested in your travelling tales as you hoped they would be. It’s easy for a recollection to roll off the tongue, so how about writing a travel blog? You could write down all your stories, give advice, upload pictures and get it all out there for everyone to enjoy – if they want to.

Book your next trip
Once you have the travel bug, it’s difficult to shake it. So, book your next adventure or at least plan one until you have the funds. It doesn’t have to be an expedition across New Zealand; even just a camping trip with friends or a holiday to a new destination will keep your travel buzz going.

Keep in touch
Made loads of new friends whilst out travelling? Make sure you keep in touch! Whether it’s via Facebook, email or even old school letters. Who knows, you might have somewhere to stay when you head off on your next adventure.

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