Review: Jan and Jul Childrenswear

Review: Jan and Jul Childrenswear

If you saw our exciting news recently, you’ll know that me and Finn have been chosen as brand reps for Jan and Jul clothing for the rest of the year. It means that we get to try out some fantastic new ‘rain or shine clothing’ and tell you all about it.

I had a look at the range and choose a couple of items that I thought would be most useful to us. Last week we were sent a gorgeous rain suit and a pair of fleece lined joggers, so we’re all set for winter!

a small boy stands in a park amongst autumn leave

I love the colour of Finn’s new joggers, perfect for autumn

a boy wearing a raincoat stands on a climbing frame and looks out to the distance

I opted for this gorgeous print ‘The Rockies’ as I love the detail on it

As soon as the items arrived I was so impressed with the quality. They felt really well made, not to mention very warm and cosy. Being based in Canada, Jan and Jul clothing is designed for the very worst weather the winter can throw at us.

I absolutely love the joggers; they are so warm and fit Finn really well. They are great for trips to the park, but I will also use them when we go camping and the nights get cooler. Finn wore them for the fireworks last night and he stayed nice and warm. The colour is really vibrant and still looking good after a few washes.

a boy stands in a field with a yellow top, red joggers and blue wellies

The joggers are a colourful addition to Finn’s winter wardrobe

I chose a rain suit over a coat as I find they are so useful, particularly on damp days. It’s great to be able to keep Finn warm and dry, not to mention clean, when we go out. The Jan and Jul rain suit is fleece lined and really high quality. It is also completely waterproof, so I’m confident that he will stay warm and dry at all times.

a smal boy in a blue and grey rainsuit walks away from the camera in a large park

The rain suit is generously sized so that you can layer up underneath

I really like the detail on the rain suit. The hood has a peak to keep water off, plus the zips are fully covered and held in place with velcro to ensure that no water seeps through. It is also wind proof and breathable. The fleece lining is really good quality and even the pockets are lined! It’s really good to see children’s outdoor clothing that has so much thought put into it. So much is designed to look pretty, but falls down on the practical considerations. You can tell that this has been designed by someone who actually spends time outdoors with small children.

The zips are covered to keep rain out

The ‘stay on hood’ is a nice touch, as anyone with a toddler will know

What do you think of our Jan and Jul clothing? Do you need some winter clothes?

A range of Jan and Jul clothing is available on .

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  • Fiona Cambouropoulos Fiona Cambouropoulos November 07, at 09:15

    I love that liitle coat, so cute #TriedTested

  • Jen Dixon Jen Dixon November 07, at 12:40

    Oh my I love that design! I adore foxes on anything, will definitely check them out! #triedtested


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