Our #homefromhome weekend with Millets

Our #homefromhome weekend with Millets

A couple of weeks ago me, Luke and Finn, together with some other bloggers, joined a team from Millets to enjoy a weekend of camping as part of their #homefromhome campaign. The idea was to showcase our camping set ups, plus have lots of fun and spend a weekend outdoors as a family.

We all had an amazing time, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you.

First of all, the setting for our weekend was the spectacular Gradbach Scout Camp in the Peak District. We had a great pitch, right next to the river.

The views from the top of the hill were beautiful. Our camp was at the bottom, amongst the trees.

We camped next to the river, which, although picturesque, kept us on our toes with a toddler!

I was excited about getting to know some fellow bloggers as I rarely get to meet any of the people that I come across online. It was a pleasure to meet Collette and her family from We’re Going on an Adventure, Penny and family from Parentshaped and Louise and her gorgeous boys from, well, My Gorgeous Boys. 

It was such a jam packed weekend that I will try and share the best bits.

Once we had arrived (actually on time for once!) we pitched our tent and tried to make it look as tidy as possible. We’re usually so messy,  it was a challenge this weekend to show our set up at it’s best. The other bloggers weren’t far behind and we were all soon set up and ready to go. We had a relatively relaxed afternoon/evening, with lots of time to introduce ourselves, check out everyone else’s tents and enjoy a barbecue.

We also received our brilliant box of goodies, with lots of treats to make our camping experience even better. There’s too much to list, but here’s a video of us opening our camping care package.

The next morning we were treated to a visit from  some local mountain rescue volunteers. They brought along a search and rescue dog, plus lots of equipment to show us how everything works. I’ve written about this subject before and, as it’s such a worthwhile and interesting organisation, I hope to return to it again soon. It was great to see Bob (the dog) in action and hear some real life experiences from the amazing volunteers.

Luke volunteered to carry the stretcher. They were only moving a child, but it was still pretty heavy!

We were all enthralled by tales from the mountain rescue volunteers.

Finn volunteered to have a go in the stretcher, but I don’t think he was too sure!

In the afternoon we  set out on a walk around the local area. It was the perfect opportunity to explore a bit more, plus it gave us the chance to wear some of the new clothes that we were given by Millets. Both me and Luke received a whole new wardrobe, including boots, while Finn got a snuggly fleece and Berghaus coat. Needless to say, you’ll be hearing more about that in future posts!

We went for a lovely walk up to the impressive Lud’s Church

We headed for Lud’s Church, an impressive deep chasm which, although not an actual church, is even more impressive! It was so atmospheric, a really great destination for a walk in the Peaks.

Lud’s Church felt like a film set as we walked through the winding chasm

After a long day we headed back to camp in time for the evening’s entertainment courtesy of Coleman.

Coleman bought along some of their stoves for us to play with

It was great fun trying out the stoves and cooking our own meals. After devouring our lovingly prepared spaghetti bolognese, we headed back to the tent. It had been a busy day and Finn was flagging. The others stayed behind for a cooking competition and demonstration, but I was glad of an early night! Although it then proceeded to rain all night so I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted!

We both love cooking so loved trying out the Coleman stoves. (photo courtesy of Millets)

The next day was the final day, and after a busy weekend we took it easy. It was a great chance to check out everyone else’s set ups, and pick up some tips on how to make our tent a real home from home. It was also good to be able to look around some of the Berghaus air tents that the guys from Millets had bought along. Despite owning our perfect tent, I still get a touch of envy whenever we go camping. I particularly liked the Berghaus Air 4, I think it would make a nice little weekend tent for us!

After a fun filled few days, it was soon time to say goodbye and set off back home.

If you’d like to see more of our #homefromhome weekend, there are photos on the Millets Facebook page.





  • Amy Rutter Amy Rutter August 22, at 09:04

    Gorgeous photos, sounds like you had a great time!

  • Penny Penny August 26, at 17:19

    It was lovely to meet you 3 and what a wonderful weekend! I know what you mean about tent envy, although even though ours was the smallest, I was secretly pleased at how quickly it went up and down.

  • My Two Mums My Two Mums August 29, at 11:17

    I love the little box opening video, your little one is adorable!


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