My Walking Challenge for The Lullaby Trust

My Walking Challenge for The Lullaby Trust

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, one of my projects this year is raising awareness of the Lullaby Trust’s ‘Walk for Babies’ campaign. I also mentioned that I would be taking on my very own challenge. Well I have now finalised my route and can reveal that I’m going to be taking on a 50 mile sponsored walk on Saturday 10th June.

I am going to walk a route that is local to me, the ‘Northamptonshire Round‘ in one day. I’m planning on it taking me about 14-15 hours.

Here’s a map of the Northamptonshire Round

The reason that I chose this route is because I wanted a circular route I could do in one go, it’s also local to me and passes through many villages that I know very well. Furthermore, I am very proud of being a Northamptonian (hopefully this comes across in my blog!) and I love sharing my passion for this beautiful, and often overlooked, county.

Timings are tbc, but I will be setting off from Brixworth Country Park very early in the morning to make the most of the daylight. I will be roping in friends and family to join me for sections of the walk, and if anybody else fancies tagging along for a bit, just let me know! If you want to show your support in another way, I have set up a JustGiving page here.

There will be plenty of updates over the next few months as I try to get into some sort of decent shape and I will also be posting ideas and advice for anyone who would like to do their own challenge this year. Whether it’s tackling a mountain or a leisurely stroll, I’ve got lots of ideas for walks that anybody can do.

Have you ever taken on a challenge like this? (If so please tell me it ended well!)




  • Ashley Beolens Ashley Beolens March 06, at 21:04

    Excellent challenge, I have a plan to do the Milton Keynes boundary walk this year at some point (60 something miles), although bar having the route ready on my phone, I have got no further in planning a date etc. Good luck with the walk, and I’m looking forward to reading how well you did 🙂

    • The Helpful Hiker The Helpful Hiker March 06, at 21:50

      Yeah, that’s about as far as I’ve got! I can’t back out now but it’s dawning on me that I will actually have to do a bit of planning with this!

    • Katy Katy March 08, at 19:59

      I’ve had my eye on the Glevum Way (a circular route around Gloucester) for a couple of years now – it’s ‘only’ 26 miles but the thought of doing it in one go fills me with dread! Good luck with your training and planning 🙂

  • Sally's Tips 4 Trips Sally's Tips 4 Trips March 10, at 00:13

    Good luck it sounds like you have a big day planned.

  • Mark (hillexplorer) Mark (hillexplorer) March 10, at 08:01

    You’ll need to get plenty of training to be able to keep a constant 3 and a half miles an hour for 50 miles! Is it a fairly flat area? I’ve devised a few for myself to do over the next year or so too. It sounds like a great challenge for a good cause so i wish you the best of luck!

    • The Helpful Hiker The Helpful Hiker March 10, at 12:36

      Tell me about it! It’ll be fine, I don’t have to carry much and it’s super flat. I’ve never really pushed myself, so actually looking forward to the challenge.


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