Sheringham Park, Norfolk

Sheringham Park, Norfolk

One of the challenges when camping with a toddler is getting them to nap during the day. We’re lucky in that Finn is a very good sleeper, and will quite happily fall asleep in the pushchair or car. It’s obviously too hot, and too bright, to sleep in a tent during the day, so we plan to be either driving or walking for a while to coincide with nap time.

While we were camping in Norfolk recently, we fancied a good long walk. It needed to be pushchair friendly, so we headed to Sheringham Park for a stroll. As it’s a National Trust property it meant that, as we are members, we could park for free (there is no entrance fee at Sheringham) and that also there would be plenty of accessible paths. The plan was to go on a good walk and let Finn have a couple of hours nap.

We followed the blue route as shown here: Sheringham Park Map

It was mostly pushchair friendly. The first part was on hard standing paths through the park.

As the impressive Sheringham Hall came into view, we branched off and headed to the gazebo. Here there are beautiful views across green countryside to the sea. You can climb to the top of the tower for an even better view.

A sea view, looking over the tops of the trees and across meadows

The view from the gazebo offers 360 degree views of the countryside

I decided to stay with the pushchair while Luke braved the steps and made his way up to the top.

We then headed past the hall and back towards the car. This bit was a little less accessible as we left the path and headed across grazing land. If you don’t have an off road buggy I would recommend that you double back and rejoin the path. There is also a hill up to the temple. We were glad to take a breather and admire the view.

Sheringham Park

The view from the Temple looking back towards Sheringham Hall

A green field with a herd of cows grazing

Our walk around Sheringham passed through lush green meadows and this herd of rather inquisitive cows

Once the cows were behind us we had to carry the pushchair a little way along a stony track, but were soon back on the main path again.

It was a really lovely stroll, and Finn even slept for a bit. I was so impressed with the Norfolk scenery and can’t wait to head back and explore more.



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