Barnwell Country Park

Barnwell Country Park

We’ve been trying to make the most of the decent weather lately and get outside as much as possible. It’s also been a great opportunity to visit local (and local-ish) places that we’ve never been to.

Following on from our visit to Fineshade,  we headed once again to the north of the county, this time the pretty market town of Oundle. Happily parking was free which instantly made me like the place. As someone who never has any cash on them, finding change for car parking is the bane of my life! (We parked in the Drill Hall car park on Benefield Road, PE8 4EY). After a brief stop for lunch and a stroll around the town, we headed to Barnwell Country Park for a walk.

We’ve visited most parks in Northamptonshire, but this was a new one for us.

I was instantly struck by how calm and serene it was.


Barnwell is a great spot for a leisurely stroll

We followed the path around the lake. It’s not the biggest park and it probably only took us about half an hour. It was, however, very pretty and a lovely place to while away a sunny afternoon.

A sign indicating the nature trail at Barnwell Country Park, a lake is in the background

There are a couple of walking routes, plus a nature trail to discover

A wooden frog sculpture sits by a path

Love this frog sculpture!


A heron hiding at the side of a river

We went on our very own nature trail and managed to spot this heron lurking by the river…

A duck standing in front of a lake

…as well as this friendly duck…

A nesting Canada Goose nestles in the undergrowth

…and this nesting goose.

As it was so warm, we got cold drinks from the cafe and sat in the sun while Finn enjoyed the play area.


This photo was taken just before he got a bit carried away and nearly fell out of the front!

I hope that everybody has had lots of opportunities to get outside in the glorious weather we’ve had. Where have you been exploring lately?

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  • Looks like a beautiful and peaceful place to take an afternoon stroll 🙂 #whatevertheweather

  • Michelle Michelle May 12, at 00:00

    Wow these are such beautiful pictures. This looks like a wonderful place to visit!!!

  • Melissa Smuzynski Melissa Smuzynski May 12, at 02:30

    How pretty! Our family has been doing the exact same thing the last couple of weeks. Exploring nearby places because the weather has been nice.

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker May 12, at 11:15

      The weather has been fab lately. it’s nice again today so hoping to get out this afternoon. It’s amazing how many new places you can find close to home!

  • Lace Lace May 12, at 04:38

    Hello from the #whatevertheweather linky! Your stroll via photographs was just beautiful–in particular because it’s been raining 20 days/nights on my spot of land over here! Just love your posts! X, Lace

  • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker May 12, at 11:17

    Oh that doesn’t sound fun. Hope the sun comes out soon! I will be over to read all of the #Whatevertheweather posts soon 🙂

  • nourishingmyscholar nourishingmyscholar May 12, at 14:18

    This looks like such a lovely spot for a walk! I just love the calm and serene water. Your pictures are beautiful! #whatevertheweather

  • dearmummyblog dearmummyblog May 12, at 16:32

    Barnwell looks a lovely spot. Such beautiful scenery and a great place to take kids #Whatevertheweather xx

  • tinboxtraveller tinboxtraveller May 15, at 14:36

    This sounds like a really lovely chilled out walk. And free parking?! Bonus! We’ve just been out to Totnes Rare Breeds Farm and it was really warm. I had brought hats and sun cream for the girls but obviously neglected to protect myself from the sun! #whatevertheweather

  • chloelifeunexpected chloelifeunexpected May 16, at 13:51

    It looks so serene. Your photos are really lovely. It looks so peaceful and that frog sculpture is fab! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather x

  • Jenny Eaves Jenny Eaves May 17, at 17:02

    It looks like a gorgeous place for a visit! I love all the wildlife you saw, it’s the perfect place to go to relax! This so much for linking up your lovely walk! Thank so much for linking up your beautiful walk with #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


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