5 Things to do at Burton Dassett Hills Country Park

5 Things to do at Burton Dassett Hills Country Park

Burton Dassett Hills Country Park  is famous in our family as we’d go there every Easter Monday when I was a child. In the wider world it is best known as a location used in the classic (yes, I said classic) film Three Men and a Little Lady.

We’d meet up with my grandparents, several aunts, uncles and numerous cousins in a nearby pub and drive to the park in convoy. My dear late Grandad would then take off cross country in his Landrover in order to avoid paying the entrance fee and we’d all roll our eyes at him. (Today it’s a very reasonable Β£2 pay & display to park all day). I distinctly remember trying in vain to shelter from the biting wind, eating sandwiches and left over chocolate and playing French cricket.

I also remember the great views so I thought it would be an ideal place to revisit 20 years later with my own family.


So last Sunday we headed out on a warm, sunny day for an eagerly anticipated step back in time. The views are every bit as fantastic as I remember, however it wasn’t as windy and the hills seemed much smaller (or maybe I’m just taller?). As ever Luke took some great photos of our trip.

So here’s my top 5 things you must do at Burton Dassett

  1. Admire the view from Magpie Hill
The view across WarwickshireThe view across Warwickshire

There is a plaque at the top so you know what you are looking at. On a clear day it’s possible to see the Malvern Hills 40 miles away.

2. Visit the Giant’s Pepper Pot

The 15th century beaconThe 15th century beacon

Ok, it’s not actually a giant’s pepper pot, that’s just what I called it as a child. No-one knows for certain what it is, the most likely explanation is that it was a beacon, built in the late 15th century to carry signals across the country.

3. Visit All Saints Church

I could write a whole post about the fascinating church nestled inside the park in the tiny hamlet of Burton Dassett.

The rather grand All Saints Church, known locally as the 'Cathedral on the Hills'The rather grand All Saints Church, known locally as the ‘Cathedral on the Hills’

It is largely unchanged since the 14th century and has many interesting features, including medieval wall paintings uncovered and restored in the 1960’s and a memorial to John Temple (of Stowe House, Buckinghamshire) adorned with the coats of arms of his children.

The interior showing the medieval wall paintingsThe interior showing the medieval wall paintings

4. Let’s go Fly a Kite

Channel your inner Mary Poppins and put the hills and the wind to good use; it’s the perfect kite flying location.

5. Go for a long walk

centenary way

The Centenary Way runs right through the park so why not head out on a longer walk. The route snakes through the beautiful county of Warwickshire, from Kingsbury Water Park passing through Coombe Abbey, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Shipston on Stour and Ilmington Downs before ending in Upper Quinton.

I’d love to hear about the places that you and your family go back to year after year.

If you fancy a visit to Burton Dassett Hills Country Park, grab the map here (affliliate link):

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  • Sarah Sarah August 19, at 09:50

    What a beautiful spot, thanks for sharing x #whatevertheweather

  • Sophie @ Mum, M & More Sophie @ Mum, M & More August 20, at 08:48

    Wow..what a stunning place, and so lovely to go back and remember you childhood. I love taking M to places that I loved as a child, it just brings the memories flooding back! πŸ™‚ #whatevertheweather

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker August 20, at 09:26

      It’s one of the benefits of living near where I grew up. I love taking Baby to some special places and making new memories πŸ™‚

  • Jenny Jenny August 20, at 20:17

    It looks gorgeous and some great views from Magpie Hill. I wonder how they used the beacon to send messages, it definitely looks like a pepper pot! Lovely that you can take your children places that you loved to visit as a child.
    My husband grew up in a house in a forest and his parent’s still live there, so when we go to visit we get to follow all the paths he used to play on. We also take our boys back to the woodland where we got married each year, there are so many lovely walks there and it’s great to have so many happy memories of one place.
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather πŸ™‚ x

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) August 21, at 17:23

    The photos are stunning! What a lovely place to visit. I wish I can see this personally. #whatevertheweather

  • Scatty Mum Scatty Mum August 21, at 19:09

    WOW those views are fabulous as are Luke’s photos. One of the things I love doing with my boys is revisiting places I loved as a child too. Threee Men and a Little Lady is indeed a classic which I’ve lost count of the amount of times I watched it when I was younger πŸ˜€ #whatevertheweather

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker August 22, at 08:34

      Thanks, I’m lucky to have such great photos of all our outings! The views were fantastic, it’s a great place to go and appreciate our beautiful countryside πŸ™‚

  • chloelifeunexpected chloelifeunexpected August 22, at 20:56

    Oh wow, we recently took a trip down memory lane too and took my daughter to a castle I used to visit all the time as a child. The castle also seemed so much smaller now haha. But it was so great making new memories with our little family, somewhere already so precious to us. I’m sure you felt exactly the same. What stunning views and I adore the interior to that church. It’s so pretty. I see what you mean about the beacon place/building looking like a giant pepper pot. I LOVE THAT FILM, you’re right it is a classic. Thank you so much for linking this to #whatevertheweather x

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker August 23, at 07:15

      It was great, as always, to read some fantastic posts so thanks for hosting. I love taking Baby to places that mean something to me, they mean even more now with him in tow.


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