Campsite Cooking 1

Campsite Cooking 1

When we started camping (just last year!) we had a few culinary mishaps before we found a winning formula. This year, on our first trip back in March, we finally felt like we’d cracked it.

The key is to keep things simple.

For example we only have two cooking stoves, one is a single gas burner and the other is our beloved Biolite and grill. Last year we used the gas stove and a small bucket barbecue.

Also, we now only buy a day’s worth of food at a time. This cuts down on wastage and also alleviates storage issues. This does however mean you’re at the mercy of whatever local facilities are nearby. You may be lucky, it could be a farm shop selling lovely local produce, it could be (or is usually) a Co-op or, if you’re really unlucky, it could be a shop like the one in Royston Vasey.  Anyway, these recipes are tried and tested and use ingredients you can pick up easily.

It can be a challenge coming up with simple meals that don’t feature sausages or burgers every night, but we manage, often rustling up 2 or even 3 courses.

So here’s a few ideas starting with, well, starters.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Works with nice big field or Portabello mushrooms, or if difficult to find, plain old white mushrooms will do. We usually stuff with blue cheese, again whatever you like/can find. Most creamy cheeses will be fine, nice to use some local produce if and when possible.  Can be cooked straight on the grill/bbq or in a frying pan. Easy to jazz up, eg add spring onions, bacon, ham etc



Sounds extravagant but very simple. Can be found in the local Co-op, tip into any type of pan with a lid. Heat through, serve with crusty bread. Beautiful!



A firm favourite in our house, just cut into slices but not too thinly or it will fall apart (usually get about 6 slices from a pack). Grill on a medium heat, turn midway through cooking and serve with a bit of salad.

Throughout the summer I’ll post more ideas and recipes (hopefully with better pics!) and maybe even a video or two.



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