Vegetarian Food for Camping Trips

Vegetarian Food for Camping Trips

It can be hard to plan your food for camping trips. This is especially true if members of your party have differing dietary requirements. After the success of my last downloadable meal planner and shopping list, and some requests, I thought that I would expand on the theme, and come up with a vegetarian version.

Like the meat eaters’ version, this has three main meals and three breakfasts, enough food for camping over  a long weekend. I haven’t included lunch recipes, as it is easy to knock up a salad or sandwich. As well as the meal planner, there is also a shopping list included. Of course you don’t have to stick to it word for word, you can tweak to your own personal preference. This is just designed to take some of the legwork out of organising your meals and provide some ideas and inspiration.

Download your own version Camping meal planner (v)

I haven’t included accompaniments in this planner, however I have done a post on side dishes which can be incorporated into these meals very easily to make them more filling and nutritious.

vegetarian food for camping including corn on the cob and aubergine is cooking on a camping stove

Cooking is a big part of the camping experience for us

One of the many things about camping that I love is the opportunity to visit different parts of the country and try out local produce and delicacies. We’ve made some great discoveries over the years, from farm shops, PYO fruit and super fresh eggs. It all adds to the experience, and it means that you don’t have to survive on baked beans for the duration of your camping trip!

Do you have any tried and tested camping recipes that you return to year after year? I’d love to hear about them so leave me a comment and help me expand my own repertoire.



  • Lauren Lauren April 26, at 09:05

    That brocolli pasta looks delicious. And vegan too which is fab for me.

    #adventurecalling in my kitchen this weekend!


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