Why we Love Camping

Why we Love Camping

Camping is one of those things that tends to divide opinion. Every time I mention to somebody that I love going camping with my family I’m met with one of two reactions: it’s either “I love camping too!” or “I definitely don’t do camping!”

To be honest I can understand why people don’t enjoy camping. It can be great when you find an amazing campsite and the weather is good. But it can also be hard work. We’ve had camping trips where it’s rained, the wind has howled and our neighbours have been loud. We’ve also put up with more than our fair share of deflating airbeds and biting insects.

Over the years we’ve definitely got better at choosing good campsites and have got camping down to a fine art. We rarely even argue now when putting up and packing away the tent!

So why do we love camping so much?

Simple things

I find that camping can be an almost meditative experience. You’re just focused on the simplest aspects of life, like sorting out shelter and somewhere to sleep, fetching water and organising food. There’s no time to worry about everything else.

Quite often we’re in rural areas so internet coverage is intermittent, so it’s a good opportunity to have a digital detox and really switch off.

Communal living

I’m not the most sociable of people, but even I enjoy the communal aspect of camping. It can be daunting when you have to say hello to your neighbours soon after waking up and before your morning shower, but honestly, everyone is in the same boat. I’ve found over the years that campers are generally an approachable bunch and it definitely makes for a happier camping experience if you make an effort to be friendly.

If we’ve learnt anything over the last few years, it’s that we all need human contact to be happy. I love watching our boys running and playing with the other children on the campsite. They always disappear as soon as we arrive and have lots of fun.

On our last trip, Luke came up with a good point. Back in the day people lived in small encampments, maybe moving around through the seasons, and everybody would have a role in the camp. Not unlike when we’re camping! Maybe that’s why we feel so at home when we’re under canvas, it could be reawakening something primeval in us, something that gets lost in the stresses of everyday life.

Outdoor living

I always find that a few days enjoying the outdoors is so good for body and mind. We all usually sleep better when we’re camping. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re more relaxed, or tired from doing more physical exertion or if it’s just the effect of lots of fresh air.

It’s great to take some time to stop and really notice things around us, the bird song, the sky, the weather, the wildlife…it all helps us to reset and recharge.

Family time

Of course, one of the major benefits of camping is the chance to spend some quality time together as a family. Away from the distractions of school and work and screens, it’s great to enjoy the simple things, like playing games, cooking and eating together and exploring new places.

What’s your favourite thing about camping? Or are you yet to be convinced?!

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