Review: Whitehill Country Park

Review: Whitehill Country Park

We went camping during the first week of the school holidays and, just as the summer is drawing to a close, I finally get round to writing up my review of Whitehill Country Park.

The last few weeks have whizzed by in a blur of new job busyness and trying to keep the kids occupied while both working full time. It’s actually been a real treat to look back and remember the things we’ve done this summer.

Whitehill Country Park boasts a range of facilities for the whole family

At the end of July we headed down to Paignton to spend five days by the sea. This year I purposefully went for a larger site than we normally stay at as I thought that the boys would enjoy the facilities, and I quite liked the idea of having lots of things to do on site and not having to drive somewhere everyday.

Whitehill Country Park is a very spacious, and hilly, campsite

So what did we think of Whitehill Country Park?

First Impressions

Every member of staff that we came into contact with was super warm and friendly. It’s always a good sign when you check in and everyone is so helpful. We were taken to our pitch which is nice touch, as so often you’re just handed a map and given vague directions.

Our pitch was spacious, but on a slope, which become more annoying every night. The toilet and shower block is in the background

Our pitch was big, although it was on a slope, which became more and more annoying throughout the stay as every morning I would have to retrieve the kids from wherever they had rolled. Also, the road ran right next to us, which meant we couldn’t relax for a second with young children.

Our pitch at Whitehill Country Park


The reason that I chose a bigger site was to be able to enjoy better facilities. Whitehill Country Park boasts an indoor and outdoor pool, a shop, cafe, bar, amusements and outdoor play areas. It also has a wooded area with nature trails and bushcraft activities.

The site was lovely and big and open, with lots of space for the boys to run around and play. It’s always great for them to have some freedom when we go camping, and this was a definite plus at Whitehill. As we were camped on top of the hill, we had a great view over the park, so we were happy for Finn to go a bit further on his own as we could keep an eye on him.

The indoor soft play was quite small, but was still a big hit with Ollie, while both of them loved the arcade machines.

We ate in the Hayloft Bar a couple of times, the menu was fairly limited, but tasty enough. We also enjoyed trying some of the local beers and ciders. There is also a takeaway/cafe and the larger Granary Bar, where the evening entertainment took place.

The toilet and shower block was close to our pitch, which is always handy when camping with children. There were several showers so we never had to queue, and everything was always clean. There was also a washing up hut, which was clean and tidy and had lots of information about the area.

The washing up hut

One of the reasons I choose Whitehill Country Park was for the outdoor pool, but unfortunately we couldn’t make a lot of use of it. The water was very very cold, and so the boys, Ollie in particular, really didn’t like swimming in it. We kept meaning to book a session in the indoor pool, which looked lovely, but we never quite managed it.

The outdoor pool at Whitehill Country Park


One of the draws of Whitehill Country Park for us was its prime location. It is right on the edge of Paignton, with easy access to shops and amenities (Sainsburys is about a mile away). it is also about a 10 minute drive away from both Paignton Beach and Goodrington Beach.

The boys enjoying Goodrington Beach We were lucky that the beach was quiet when we visited


We had a lovely, relaxed few days at Whitehill Country Park. We usually like to spend time travelling around and visiting the area, but I think after the long drive to get there and back, we were happy this time to potter around the site and just enjoy spending time together.

Spacious siteSloping tent pitches
Lots of facilities for whole familyCold outdoor pool
Great Location
Very clean and tidy
Indoor pool

Have you ever visited Paignton? What did you think of the area?



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