Review: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Review: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

I was gifted an Amazfit GTS 2 Mini for the purposes of this review. I have been wearing it for the last month and all views are my own.

Since my old fitbit finally fell to pieces, I have been without a watch for quite some time. I used to like knowing how active-or not-I had been, plus it’s handy not having to find your phone every time you want to know the time.

I have started a new job in the last few months and, as I can’t always have my phone on me, I had considered buying myself a new watch. But like most things, it got pushed down my list of priorities and I never got round to it.

Enter Amazfit and the chance to review one of their smart watches. Now, I will readily admit that the whole smart watch thing has largely passed me by and I had been put off getting one as I thought they were complicated and aimed at super techy people (i.e not me!)

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini weighs just 19.5 g and has a thickness of 8.95 mm (without the sensor base)

Luckily I was given an Amazfit GTS 2 Mini to test out and it is incredibly simple to use, yet has loads of great features and is a brilliant tool to help anybody live a more active lifestyle.

Key Features

Despite being one of the smaller, more slimline smart watches in the range, it still boasts an impressive array of features, including:

  • Pedometer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood Oxygen saturation measurement
  • 70+ sports modes
  • female cycle tracking
  • stress level and sleep monitoring
  • Displays social media notifications
  • Swimproof
  • Syncs with Alexa
  • Weather display

I could honestly go on, but it would get boring, so here is a quick video of my favourite bits.

The main things that I like are the fact that it automatically uploads to Strava, it’s always a bit of a chore having to record with my phone, especially as I sometimes find the GPS can go a bit awry.

My first trial of automatically uploading to Strava and it all worked very easily.

I also love the ‘find my phone’ feature, and it is handy being notified of incoming calls and messages as I am one of those annoying people who never answers their phone as it’s usually on silent or just out of my reach. You can’t answer calls or read messages with this watch, it simply notifies you.

I personally don’t use a lot of the features as I am not actively training or working towards any goals. I do find that just monitoring my sleep and keeping track of my steps has a significant positive effect on my activity levels and wellbeing.

Via the app you can add other accounts, like Google Fit, Alexa, Strava, Relive and WeChat to increase the functionality.

The app is really easy to use and as I mentioned in the video, give you lots of extra customisation options. It also gives you lots of extra information, for example a full breakdown of your nights sleep or your heart rate over a longer period. You can also input a range of health data and input your goals.

The app allows you to input a whole range of health data

In conclusion, the Amazit GTS 2 Mini is a great smart watch for anyone who wants a watch that looks good, is sleek and stylish and covers most bases. While it may not be enough for an Olympic athlete, the features are perfectly adequate for anyone who enjoys their sport, or going to the gym, and is looking to make improvements in their performance.

The battery is supposed to last up to a week of typical use, however I found it lasted for an average of 5 days with my usage. I still don’t think that’s bad, and as it charges in just 2 hours it wasn’t a problem.

The GTS 2 Mini is currently just £69 at Argos, which I think is a great price for a smart watch of this level. It isn’t the most advanced model on the market, but I think that at this price it is the perfect balance of style and substance.

Do you have a smart watch? What features are a must have for you?



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