Review: Mother & Nature Outdoor Maternity Wear

Review: Mother & Nature Outdoor Maternity Wear

When I was pregnant with Finn, I didn’t get too massive and mostly just wore my normal clothes and lots of baggy t-shirts. This time around I made it to about 16 weeks before I suddenly found myself with nothing to wear! With the awful weather we’ve been having recently, I realised that I was going to need some decent outdoor maternity wear so I could carry on being active and spending time outdoors. Here’s where Mother & Nature comes in, a company that specialises in practical and stylish outdoor maternity wear.

If you caught my interview with Samantha, the founder of Mother & Nature, you’ll know the story behind this innovative brand. Now here’s a closer look at the products and how they fare day to day.

First Impressions

I received a coat, fleece and trousers and was so excited when they arrived. I’d been squeezing myself into my normal clothes and it was starting to look a bit ridiculous, not to mention be a little bit uncomfortable. I particularly loved the colour of the coat and was immediately impressed with the quality of all three items. I hate spending money on maternity wear as I know that it has such a limited shelf life, however I am definitely willing to make an exception if the clothes are well made and practical-which these certainly are!

It’s great to have a warm, comfy fleece that actually fits me!


I absolutely love the expandable side panels, meaning these clothes can be worn during and after pregnancy. Such a great idea, I can’t believe it isn’t used more. I can just about get away with them done up at the moment, but that won’t last much longer.

The waterproof coat has come in very handy recently

The coat is definitely my favourite of the range, it’s stylish but also practical, which is pretty much everything I want from my clothes. It’s been really handy having a decent coat that fits me properly, especially with all the rain lately. I also love the deep pockets (super handy with a snotty toddler) and a hood that can be packed away. As with most things, it’s the little details that count, so I really like the fact that the hood can be tightened (I HATE hoods that flap around and keep blowing off your head) and the velcro fasteners on the sleeves. This is a proper coat, designed for real outdoor enthusiasts.

The fleece is super warm and cosy, a perfect layer on a cooler day. Like the coat, it features the side panel, making it great for during pregnancy and after.

Why don’t more maternity clothes feature an expandable side panel? So simple, yet so effective.

My only niggle is that the sleeves are quite tight around the cuffs, making it hard to roll them up. This is just a personal thing, as having a messy toddler means I am invariably washing my hands, or his, several times a day.

The trousers also feature the side panels and pockets, and they sit under your bump. I found that they fit well on the leg, and it’s nice to have some maternity trousers that aren’t too baggy. I did have to make sure I got the velcro fastening in just the right place or it was a little bit uncomfortable, but I had no problems when out walking.

All of the range features the Mother & Nature logo

I loved the feel of the trousers, they were warm, but also breathable and, importantly, they were showerproof and quick drying when they did get a  bit wet. I liked the little touch of the drawstring at the bottom so you could alter the length-this comes in handy on muddy walks!


Overall I have been very impressed with the Mother & Nature range of outdoor maternity wear. It’s been so easy to carry on being active and spending lots of time outdoors, whilst having practical and comfortable clothes to do it in. The expandable panels mean that they are also great value, lasting much longer than my normal maternity wear.

Have you struggled to fit good quality outdoor maternity wear? What do you think of the Mother & Nature range?

Disclosure: I was gifted the clothes for the purposes of this post, all opinions are my own.

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  • Kim Carberry Kim Carberry April 17, at 12:12

    This looks like a great range. The expandable side panel is genius! I had never thought about outdoor maternity wear but it’s a fab idea x

  • Colette Colette April 17, at 16:07

    Flipping genius! I don’t think I’d ever considered outdoor maternity wear before but I do know I spent a good chunk of my pregnancy with Amy with a wet tummy once my coat wouldn’t do up any more. Like you I begrudged shelling out on something I would only wear for a few months. Those zip up side panels though are flipping genius! I’m really impressed.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos Fiona Cambouropoulos April 17, at 21:40

    Wonderful idea, I think I just ended up wearing my husbands things which were huge everywhere but my tummy! #TriedTested


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