S’No Queen Thermals: Review and Giveaway

S’No Queen Thermals: Review and Giveaway

I’m a real winter baby and love getting outside in the colder months. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that if you want to spend time outdoors in the winter, you really need to invest in some proper cold weather gear. Over the years I’ve tried many thermals, but I’m always open to trying something new.

So when S’No Queen, “the home of fashionable designer ladies thermal underwear” got in touch to see if I wanted to try some of their exclusive limited edition thermals, I was keen to put them to use. I received a set comprising a long sleeved top, vest and leggings in a gorgeous turquoise colour.  I’m a size 12 so went for a medium and they fit perfectly.

I love the look of my limited edition S’No Queen thermals, but how would they perform?

Not only was I excited to try out some thermals that are so exclusive they’re not even available to buy,  I also really wanted to see if these ultra stylish baselayers were able to perform as well as my, um, less fashionable thermals.

Style and Practicality

I haven’t been able to test in super cold weather yet, but I have been wearing them a lot. Mainly because I’m interested in trying them out, but also because they’re so comfy! To be honest, up until now I’ve actually got too hot wearing them, hopefully we’ll be hit with an arctic blast soon and I can wear them for their intended purpose!

I’ve been lounging around in my thermals, they go perfectly with my new cosy slipper socks

Oh, and if you’re wondering, you won’t find any full length shots of me in this post. As comfortable as I am in my own skin, the internet just isn’t ready for my mum tum clad in skin tight thermals!

Straight away I loved the look and feel of my thermals, originally designed for skiing, I can see why there is a market for more stylish under layers. But it’s not all about style, practicality is important too.

I love the detail on my limited edition S’No Queen thermals

I’m not usually the glitzy sort, but I do really like the detail, if nothing else, it means that as well as wearing as a baselayer, I can also wear around the house or as pyjamas. I lived in Spain for a while, and the Spanish know how to do loungewear. In fact, while I lived there I had clothes just for the lazy siesta hours, so I’m right on board with this concept.

There is 15% silk in these  and it makes a difference. Not only does silk have natural thermal properties, but it also makes this a super comfortable outfit. I like the fact that they are breathable and also feel really soft against my skin. The addition of lycra helps with the fit and also makes sure they keep their shape after washing (boring but important detail). I have washed them once, and so far so good.

I’m ready for the winter nights in my S’No Queen thermals

As well as being perfect for skiing, these thermals will be ideal for autumn and winter camping and glamping breaks. I will probably also wear the vest when we go walking, but I think I’d get too hot in the full base layer.


If you fancy getting your hands on your own S’No Queen outfit, you can get 10% off when using my code HIKER10 (valid until 30/11/17). Furthermore, if you send in a photo of yourself in your thermals to S’No Queen, you will be entered into the monthly competition to win a bottle of Prosecco.


If you fancy winning your very own set of limited edition S’No Queen Thermals, click on the link below to enter a giveaway to win your very own pair.
S’No Queen Limited Edition Designer Thermals Giveaway

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  • McFlarry McFlarry November 01, at 09:52

    Fabulous! Taking glamping to a whole new level1

  • Keith Embleton Keith Embleton November 04, at 15:11

    My wife would love these

  • Julie T Julie T November 04, at 15:25

    Out to the woods, no straglers please!

  • Heather Haigh Heather Haigh November 04, at 19:58

    I would wear them out on our Country walks

  • ashleigh allan ashleigh allan November 05, at 15:08

    On winter walks

  • DAWN HULL DAWN HULL November 05, at 17:55

    I would wear my lovely S’No Queen thermals for Autumn and Winter walks in the countryside (as I always feel the cold!!).

  • debbie gilbert debbie gilbert November 05, at 18:32

    When Im walking the dog

  • Alana Walker Alana Walker November 05, at 20:15

    I’d wear them on my walks in the Peak District.x

  • Ren Taylor Ren Taylor November 06, at 08:59

    These are fabulous dahhhling! I would wear them to the cottage we have booked over Christmas!!

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos Fiona Cambouropoulos November 07, at 09:16

    I can see so many uses for these on cold days . #TriedTested

  • Anne Anne November 07, at 11:24

    Great for any day out, I get so cold in my wheelchair these would be lovely for keeping me cosy, and I could just strip off the layers and chill out once home. I love the colour!

  • Samantha Mann Samantha Mann November 08, at 21:53

    We’re heading off to Finnish lapland so I would wear them there… perfect!

  • helen tovell helen tovell November 10, at 14:34

    I would use them when I go walking during the winter months to encourage me to get out more

  • purpleshoes purpleshoes November 12, at 11:24

    would wear these out on chilly days walking the dog

  • Lesley Bain Lesley Bain November 20, at 03:14

    I live on the coast, and I would wear these while walking the beach every day with my dog 🙂 x

  • ADEINNE TONNER ADEINNE TONNER November 21, at 18:35

    I would wear it when i go walking my dog.

  • Zoe Zoe November 22, at 18:43

    These are the prettiest thermals I’ve ever come across! Who knew thermals could be so stylish. Will gave to investigate this brand…#AdventureCalling

  • Sarah Stockley Sarah Stockley November 23, at 09:13

    I am loving the colour and the sparkle. I have never owned thermals but with the aount of time we spend outside I think I need some. Sarah #adventurecalling

  • Emma Hip2trek Emma Hip2trek November 23, at 09:48

    Ooo my inner magpie likes the look of these! Sparkly baselayers, what’s not to like?! They do sound perfect for glamping breaks. #adventurecalling

  • Lauren Lauren November 23, at 12:23

    These are so much prettier than my thermals!


  • The Outdoor Dad The Outdoor Dad November 23, at 13:10

    These look awesome, but not so sure I could get away with wearing them…

  • Yolanda Davis Yolanda Davis November 24, at 09:08

    probably every time i leave until spring the house

  • DebbieB DebbieB November 28, at 19:32

    On my long dog walks along the beach

  • Maria Jane Knight Maria Jane Knight November 29, at 10:13

    I would wear these on our winter walks along the beach!!

  • Lila B Taylor Lila B Taylor November 29, at 16:13

    These would be fab for the amount of walking we do and i’d show them off when we go to my brothers home in the Alps to ski this year! Fancy pants!

  • Diana Diana November 29, at 22:04

    at home 🙂

  • Danielle Graves Danielle Graves November 29, at 22:32

    They be brilliant for wearing when we go camping but to be perfectly honest i think its colder in my house than it is outside so i may even wear them as base layers haha

  • Jodie A Green Jodie A Green November 30, at 09:19

    perfect to keep me snug on the school run!

  • Sarah Wilson Sarah Wilson November 30, at 15:02

    To watch my sons’ football matches.

  • Alison Alison November 30, at 23:06

    i would wear these when out with the dog as there’s always a cold East wind here.

  • Sally-Jane Sally-Jane December 01, at 13:17

    Bizarrely, the sparkles don’t appeal to me.
    I loved to wear thermals when I worked in a platform kiosk on a train station where the winter temperatures were around 10°C. I’d definitely wear a thermal top again if I was going somewhere cold enough

  • These look great! I love the colour and the sparkly detail. They would make a nice change from my cheap and cheerful Lidl thermals!

  • Travelling With Our Kids Travelling With Our Kids December 01, at 20:06

    Im always freezing, so i can see these coming in super handy! Must make some hints to my husband! #adventurecalling

  • David - Potty Adventures David - Potty Adventures December 05, at 18:39

    These look great Lauren. Mrs Potty Adventures May well just get some in her stocking now. The addition of silk sounds good. I’ve got a silk sleeping bag liner and I love it so I completely understand the appeal. #adventurecalling


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