Entertain Yourself While Camping

When you’re out on a hiking or camping trip most of the fun is supposed to come from what’s around you. You can enjoy beautiful scenery, take pleasure in the process of fending for yourself, and take the time to connect with friends. This is part of the point—getting away from everyday entertainment and enjoying a more natural lifestyle.

That doesn’t meant that there aren’t times when camping can get a little dull. If you’re on a solo adventure, you may feel the need for a diversion now and then. If the weather gets bad and you can’t really enjoy the outdoors, you might feel like holing up in a tent and entertaining yourself. These situations do arise, and these are just a few easy tips for how to deal with them.

Bring A Kindle

Camping isn’t supposed to be about technology. Then again, plenty of people are in the habit of bringing along a paperback or two to read during downtime, so why not go for an option that takes up less space? As one experienced camper put it, a Kindle loaded with 20 or more books can take up less space than one magazine. An eBook is a wonderful way to give yourself an easy and reliable entertainment option for long nights in the tent or even lazy mornings on rainy days.

Technology can provide some entertainment on a camping trip

Download Games

Again, it’s not all about tech, but no one could blame you for looking to your phone for some gaming options on a rainy day. And you can keep it fairly simple. Some of the best downloadable games (meaning ones you don’t need the internet to enjoy) are puzzles, crosswords and things like that. Casino games can also be fun options in this case. Instant play casinos are more popular on browsers, but the mobile world is heading back in the direction of downloading, meaning you can find some experiences that you can enjoy in a remote location. These are the kinds of games that can just help you pass the time.

Write Or Draw

Moving away from tech-based solutions, you might also want to tap into your creative side when you have some downtime on a camping trip. That might mean writing stories, journal entries, or poems. It could also mean sketching, either from your imagination or possibly based on the nature around you. For that matter, you might even consider bringing along a coloring book and a small case of pencils! Adult coloring books have become trendy as stress relief tools recently, and they don’t take up too much space in a bag.

There are many ways to entertain yourself while camping, including a spot of whittling

Try Your Hand At Whittling

If you really want to keep your entertainment in touch with nature, bring along a small carving knife or whittling kit and see what you can make out of a piece of wood in your idle time. It’s challenging if you don’t have much experience, but then again camping gives you the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. You might be surprised at what you come up with, and in a way you can make your own souvenir from the trip.

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