Review: VARTA Powerbank

Review: VARTA Powerbank

As avid users of many gadgets, we are forever looking for ways to keep them charged when we’re camping or hiking. We both have phones plus a tablet, so it can be a real issue, particularly these days when the average smart phone battery seems to last a matter of minutes (or is it just mine?) We’ve tried pretty much everything, from battery packs, solar powered chargers and even our Biolite stove, but none have been perfect. I had vaguely heard about power banks, but I thought that they couldn’t be as good as they seemed.

I mentioned in my last post about how we recently spent a day with VARTA, finding out about their torches, batteries and portable power products. After hearing about their power banks, I was seriously excited, they sounded brilliant, and exactly what I need! My current smartphone is a massive Samsung Note and it eats batteries, especially when I use my mapping apps (or any apps in fact!)

Our VARTA goody bag was seriously good!

I was therefore very happy to spot a VARTA 5200 mAh power bank amongst the treats in our impressive goody bag. I wasted no time in giving it a try. In fact, I opened it as soon as we were in the car on the way home, happily it had a decent amount of charge so I could use it right away.

Showing the size of the power bank

This model is one of the smallest in the range but has a powerful output. When fully charged it should charge your phone twice and a tablet once. I used it last week when out walking as I wanted to take some photos on my phone and do a bit of filming. My phone was about half charged, but failing fast. I plugged it in and was immediately struck with how fast it charged. It’s comparable to plugging your phone into the wall.

The 4 little green power lights are really useful for showing how much juice your power bank has left

Today I gave it a real test. My phone was at just 1%, so critically low. I plugged it into my fully charged power bank and just under two hours later it was at 100%. That is impressive! It was down to it’s last power light (of four as shown above) so I doubt that I would get two full charges from it. Having said that, I do have a massive phone, more like a mini tablet, so I’m sure that people with a normal size phone would fare better.

The Verdict

I love it! It is as efficient and powerful as I hoped and also very small and compact. Safe to say, this will always be in my rucksack from now on. I’m also impressed with the price, at just £16.99 I think it’s great value. There are many other VARTA power banks on the market and I am seriously tempted to get a more powerful version, especially given my stupidly big phone and how much we use our tablet. There are some new slimline models which I think are brilliant. They do get heavy as they get more powerful, so it will be a case of finding the right balance.

So far I cannot find any negative points. As long as smartphone batteries remain as rubbish as they currently are, this will be a  vital bit of kit for any blogger (or anyone who has a phone!)

Do you use a power bank?

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  • Emma Hip2trek Emma Hip2trek March 29, at 19:05

    Looks great. I should really look into getting one of these for my China trek as I’m taking phone and action camera. As you say might have to think about weight vs power.

  • Sarah Sarah March 31, at 07:09

    I really want one! We’ve been looking on Amazon recently to try and fine one, as when we’re camping foe a few days it would be useful to charge the camera/phone. Will have a look at their website. Sarah

  • Colette Colette April 06, at 18:27

    I can’t live without a decent power bank . . . I think we have somewhere in the region of 5 in our household
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  • Mary Mary August 10, at 11:04

    Yes. Hubby found some nondescript powerbanks on e-bay for £4.99 and bought us one each. They’re 4000 mah and will top up my i-phone 4s at least twice. Over a weekend away his android phone doesn’t use so much battery so I borrow his charger as well ? They look much like the Varta with blue lights to show the level of charge and an important feature according to hubby is the built in torch!

  • Jared Orkin Jared Orkin October 29, at 19:05

    I was confused for buying my new powerbank. I am searching and reading many article. But you write a details review of varta powerbank. I think this one perfect form me. Thanks for reviewing this product.

  • Sally-Jane Sally-Jane July 24, at 06:43

    I use a 5200 Anker power bank. It takes around 3-4 hours to fully charge and will charge my Samsung J5 around 1½ times per charge. It’s been a godsend on days out. I certainly wouldn’t be without one now and it’s essential on days out on the moors.


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