Know your knots

Know your knots

Knowing how to tie the perfect knot is an important skill for many outdoor pursuits. Whether you’re a camper, angler, rock climber or sailor, knowing the right knot for the right situation makes things a lot easier, and could even save your life! This brilliant infographic from PT Winchester covers a selection of useful knots in one handy guide.


Know Your Knots Infographic

Are you an expert when it comes to knots? Or like me do you need a refresher course?




  • Mrs Jones Mrs Jones January 28, at 07:21

    Great infographic. I haven’t practised my knots since I was a girl guide!

  • Campfire Guy Campfire Guy February 21, at 21:31

    Wow, that infographic is awesome! I like the “Knots 3D” app as well.


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