Camping Fire Safety Tips

Did you know that a fire can destroy a tent in 60 seconds? I don’t know about you, but I find that terrifying. I’ve been lucky enough to never experience a tent fire, but even the thought of it makes me determined to do everything I can to stay safe. This is especially at the forefront of my mind as we now camp with a fearless and inquisitive toddler.

So, as we head into August and peak camping season, I thought I’d compile a few fire safety tips to help all campers.

  • Make a point of knowing where the campsite fire safety equipment is. Most will have sand buckets plus fire extinguishers located throughout the site.
  • Make sure you leave at least 6m between tents to prevent fire spreading
  • Always use cooking equipment well away from cars and tents
  • If you are using a gas stove, familiarise yourself with it before you go and always follow the instructions
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning still kills far too many people. Never, ever use a barbecue or gas stove inside a tent, not even in the entrance.
  • Do not bring a barbecue into your tent, even if you think it has cooled down. The embers can stay warm for hours and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning
Biolite cooking

When cooking outdoors, a few simple tips will keep everyone safe

  • Make sure the area around your fire/bbq is clear and free from long grass, rubbish etc
  • Have a bucket of water to hand when cooking on an open fire or barbecue
  • Make sure that you and your family are aware of what to do in an emergency. The RoSPA has some good camping fire safety advice.
  • Make a note of the campsite address/directions in case you need to call the emergency services

For more advice about fire safety on holiday, Fire Protection Online has some great tips and the right equipment, for many situations.



  • Dennis L. Ward Dennis L. Ward November 15, at 07:14

    I think fire not only destroy the tent in 60s, it can destroy the whole camping plan. So, we should be careful about fire every time.

    Thanks for sharing!


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