Review: Armaskin Anti Blister Socks

As I mentioned in my last post, if you want to do some serious walking then you really need to look after your feet. You can buy the best boots and all singing all dancing socks, however blisters can still occur and ruin your walk.

I’ve never really suffered with blisters, but Luke has had a few over the years. When I was approached by ArmaSkin, I was very keen to get my hands on a pair of their anti blister socks for him and see if they were as good as they seemed.

Our trip to Wales would be a great trial, not least as Luke left his walking shoes at home and had to buy new ones just before we headed up Pen y Fan.


Finn and Luke on a very windy walk up towards Pen y Fan


Taking a breather!

This would be a great test: brand new shoes and the hardest walk we’d done for some time.

First impressions weren’t great. The socks looked a bit like a wetsuit, the inside was sticky and Luke wasn’t convinced they’d be at all comfortable. They were also a bit tricky to get on-I worked up quite a sweat rolling them onto his massive feet! However, I’d read so many good things that I was really looking forward to seeing how they performed out on the hills.

The Science Bit

Blisters are caused by movement, heat and moisture, and the ArmaSkin socks combat all of these. The special lining adheres to the foot and prevents any friction that can occur between sock and skin. It is also ‘macro porous and hydrophobic (water hating)’ which repels moisture. The composition of the socks also allows for better heat dissipation, thus helping to keep your feet cooler.


Trying the ArmaSkin on for size.

So did they work? 

Luke wore them under a lightweight pair of walking socks. He was worried about his feet getting too hot, but they actually stayed nice and cool. They were also surprisingly comfortable for the duration of our walk. Most importantly, he didn’t get any blisters! Not even a hint of a blister. They are definitely going to be a part of our hiking kit from now on. I may also get myself a pair when I make my long awaited return to running! I was also impressed that they can be chucked in the washing machine when they need a clean. I recommend them to anyone who suffers from blisters, they’re a great bit of kit. I’m looking forward to testing them out in more difficult conditions, I’ll keep you updated.

(ArmaSkin are Australian and I’m not sure if there are any UK stockists, however you can buy from the website for $39 (about £21) and pay just $3 postage. Furthermore,  they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do get a blister while wearing them. What have you got to lose?!)

Disclosure: we were given the socks free of charge in exchange for an honest review



  • Dan Salinas Dan Salinas December 27, at 16:27

    I am going on the 26.6 mile Battaan March on 17 Mar 17 and will look forward to trying the Armaskin socks during the long walk. Last year we had over 6,000 walkers/runners. Once I have completed the event I will let you know how the Armaskin socks performed.

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker December 27, at 19:38

      Sounds great, I’d love to know how you get on. The guys at Armaskin would also love to hear what you think.

  • Brian K Gage Brian K Gage March 28, at 01:33

    Wore Armaskins through my 4th Bataan Memorial Death March & it’s absolutely the first time I didn’t have a hot spot during or blister afterwards. Absolutely love them!


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