Review: HJ Hall ProTrek Socks

All walkers know that it is very important to look after your feet. Well-fitting boots that are suited to the terrain are a must, but it is just as important to wear good quality socks as well. If you’re going to the effort of wearing decent walking boots, it’s no use undoing all that good work with a shoddy pair of socks!

I very much recommend investing in a few pairs of good quality walking socks. This will ensure that your feet are warm and dry in winter, or kept cool in summer, and are comfortable.

I was asked if I wanted to try out a few pairs of socks from HJ Hall. Their ProTrek  range of technical walking socks looked great and I was very keen to see if they would live up to expectations.

I tried out a pair of Extreme, Active and Explorer socks during our trip to the Brecon Beacons.

It was a great opportunity to try them out in different landscapes. It had also been a while since I had done any serious walking so I was keen to look after my feet.

All three types are made from 42% merino wool, which is lovely and soft and has antibacterial properties. The Extreme socks were really supportive, particularly around the ankle and arch. I also found them very comfortable due to the cushioning.

The Explorers were also very supportive and comfortable. They feature a fully cushioned foot, which is great for stony, hilly terrain, like when we headed up Pen y Fan. I also liked the lace guard and shock absorption properties, these will definitely be my go-to winter hill walking socks!

The Active ProTrek socks were probably my favourite. The weather was surprisingly mild on our trip and the Extreme and Explorer were both very warm and thick. However, the Active pair were a little lighter, while still providing enough support, which was ideal for our balmy Spring break!

HJ Hall Active Protrek socks

I was really impressed with all of the socks that I tried out. I wore each pair all day and my feet felt great by the end. No even a hint of a blister, my feet didn’t get too hot and, one of my pet hates, the socks didn’t sag or fall down.

When we got back I washed them all according to the instructions and they came out as good as new (I don’t have a great track record washing anything delicate!)

Disclosure: I was given the socks in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own.





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