5 Reasons I love getting outdoors in the winter

5 Reasons I love getting outdoors in the winter

Just because the days are getting shorter and colder, there’s no excuse for hibernating over winter. It’s a fantastic time to head outdoors and here’s why:

1. I think we’re very lucky in Britain with our distinct seasons, each one has something to offer. I particularly love a clear, cold and sunny winter’s day. I love breathing in the crisp, fresh air; there’s nothing quite like it for making you feel alive. Plus in the winter you don’t have to stay up late (or get up so early) to witness spectacular sunsets or sunrises. wintercollage

2. With our somewhat changeable climate, sometimes you just have to wrap up warm, grab your waterproofs and head on out, otherwise you’d never leave the house! I personally love pulling on a woolly hat, a cosy scarf and gloves. I also love the feeling of wearing thick socks and a good winter coat. As beautiful as this autumn has been, I can’t wait to layer up and head out into the cold air. You can read my guide to layering here.

With suitable clothing, the whole family can enjoy the winter outside

3. I don’t know what it is, but every time I put on my (spotty, pink) wellies, I feel like a child again. I want to jump in puddles, I want to play in mud and I want to stamp my feet. The kids are equally excited (one thing we can thank Peppa Pig for) and it’s a great way to motivate them to get outside.

4. One good thing about the winter months is that the crowds are decidedly thinner. Make the effort to head out in the colder months and you may well be rewarded with peace and tranquility. It’s also a good time to plan a trip. Accommodation is often quieter and cheaper,  the same goes for eateries and outdoor attractions (although check they are still open).

wintercollage2We’ve enjoyed some excellent winter days out including (top) Kenilworth Castle in February & (bottom) Lyveden New Bield in January. On both occasions we pretty much had the places to ourselves.

5. Finally, my very favourite thing about being outdoors in the winter is coming home. When I was younger and had horses I had to go outside, whether there was a gale blowing, a blizzard closing in or hail pelting down. The only thing that often kept me going was the thought of my cosy pyjamas and a cup of tea waiting for me at home. These days I’m very grateful for our open fire, it’s so welcoming after a bracing walk, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

20141225_134319_1 (1)Our  fire takes centre stage in our home

What’s your favourite thing about winter?



  • Mum in Brum Mum in Brum November 20, at 15:30

    Wow those photos are amazing! I’m such a winter baby myself and love getting outdoors when it’s crisp and bright. Love that quote about bad clothing – sooo true! I also love getting in from a day in the cold to a lovely warm fire and home cooked meal. Can’t beat that feeling! x #TheList

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker November 21, at 09:37

      Thanks, I’m also a winter baby, I’m so excited about it getting colder! It had better snow this year 🙂

  • Claire at Tin Box Traveller Claire at Tin Box Traveller November 21, at 10:26

    I love a cold, crisp morning and the freshness of winter air. There’s nothing quite like it for making you feel alive. I know what you mean about loving coming home too. Walking into a warm house with flushed cheeks and feeling all cosy is just the best! #thelist

  • Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault November 21, at 21:28

    I love kicking my feet through frosty leaves, watching sunlight dance in icicles and listening to the plaintiff, distant cry of a curlew. #TheList

  • Wow such gorgeous pictures! The outdoors is good for the soul! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  • MummyTravels MummyTravels November 27, at 13:55

    Those photos are wonderful – I do love a clear blue day even if I’m wrapped up to the eyelids. I’m hoping for snow this year as my daughter doesn’t remember the last time she saw it, almost two years ago. (The perils of city life)

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker November 30, at 09:46

      Thanks! I’m also hoping for snow, it would really make baby’s first Christmas (and it looks pretty in photos!) 🙂

  • Jenni Tulip Jenni Tulip November 29, at 21:35

    Totally agree with every single one of your points! I don’t like the short days but I love wrapping up and getting outside. I like the cold breeze on my face while the rest of my body is all wrapped up. Coming home to the woodburner and a cuppa completes a perfect winter’s day
    Jenni x The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker November 30, at 09:48

      I know, could always do with more daylight, just have to make the most of it! I love getting wrapped up, love a winter walk 🙂

  • Jonny Jonny January 14, at 15:05

    Great points about getting outdoors in winter, especially the one about coming home again! Unfortunately, winter hasn’t really arrived in Luxembourg this year – it appeared to glitch at the end of November. Hopefully it will re-boot itself soon and I can get out to enjoy the crisp, clean air. #adventurecalling

  • Lauren Lauren January 14, at 20:46

    Love your fire!! Bet that is fab to come home to.

    The light can be so clear in winter too. Makes for some gorgeous photos.


  • Gareth Gareth January 24, at 11:20

    Nice piece! Yes, Winter is great and it is certainly good to maximise your time outdoors. I love to make the most of it, even if the temperature drops below 0. I like the pics too! #adveturecalling


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