The 4 Essential Safety Items To Take With You When Camping

There’s that old saying that whatever could go wrong, will go wrong. And it is never more accurate a statement than when talking about outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

Many things can go wrong, though most of the time things go according to plan. Every responsible hiker, however, knows that it pays to be prepared just in case. You never know what can happen when you are far from civilization. Chances are that you are going to have to get yourself out of trouble for when things do occur.

In this article, I will go over what you should bring with you in case of an emergency when you are out hiking.

1 – Sturdy rope or cord

There are sometimes going to be paths right on the edge of a steep decline. Loose gravel, a strong wind, or simply a moment of distraction and you suddenly slip over the side.

Once you have slid down a ravine or steep incline, it can be very difficult to get out. When you have some rope that you can tie around yourself and to a tree or around a boulder, then you may be able to lower yourself further down to safety or to throw to a person who remained on the path to help pull you up.

Cord rope is ideal as it is strong enough to hold some weight and less likely to fray if it rubs against rocks or any other rough surface.

2 – Stay warm

You may only be planning on hiking for a few hours, but you need to be prepared to spend the night if you get into trouble. If you get lost or trapped, then you have to stay warm when night falls.

Have some thermal blankets like the foil kind that takes up no space in your backpack to wrap yourself in if temperatures start to fall. And make sure to have something to build a fire with if you have the opportunity. Usually, a flint-style lighter is best as it will work even if it gets wet. Matches and lighters can get wet or malfunction and leave you without a way to light a fire.

A few essential safety items in your rucksack can ensure you have a successful adventure

3 – Stay within phone range

If you are out hiking solo then make sure to stay within mobile phone range. If you do lose service then make sure to call 999 or Mountain Rescue if you get into trouble. There are some towers that may actually pick up the signal and alert authorities. If nothing else, then if you do go missing, your phone will be tracked by your call even if it doesn’t go through so people know where to look for you.

You can invest in a beacon that sends a signal no matter where you are even if you have no signal. It is the same type that helps rescuers find people that have been buried by an avalanche in the snow.

4 – Have a knife

Lastly, a knife can get you out of many difficult predicaments. You never know when you may need to cut your way out of trouble so a good, solid knife will come in handy. In addition to a knife, you should also have a hand chain saw that works without any power and is small enough to put in a side pocket in your backpack.

What are your essential safety items?



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