4 things to consider while purchasing tactical pants

There is not much noticeable difference between cargo pants and tactical pants. Upon a closer look, you will find several pockets in tactical pants that set them apart from cargo pants. Not just pockets, there are tons of other features in tactical pants that make them a must-have for the real-life hero.

Nowadays, a must-have in the wardrobe of FBI agents, EMTs, law officers, local police officers, and the like, tactical pants were initially known as hiking pants. A clothing company called Royal Robins came up with the idea of pants for mountaineers. It was later realized that these pants could be put to use for other things than climbing mountains, and that is how they made their way from the mountains to the FBI academy at Quantico. Tactical pants are now a part of the must-have gear for heroes who put their lives in danger daily. 

They offer a personalized and efficient solution to meet personnel’s needs when in the field. Modern-day tactical pants come with bar-tracks, under armor, and even Teflon coating. They are that part of the uniform that acts as a catalyst to help them perform at their best. They offer a full range of body movement along with comfort for any day filled with action and hold equal importance as other gears like gun holsters or pocket knives. 

We have talked so much about the benefits of tactical pants, but what makes an excellent tactical pant and what do you need to consider while purchasing one?

Let’s get straight to the point. 

  • Durability – When talking about the durability of tactical pants, two scenarios come in mind. First would be the ability to protect you from a tussle on the footpath. It is the immediate minimum requirement that tactical pants should meet. Second, it should withstand several thousand cycles of going through the laundry for several years without losing its characteristics. The ability to withstand atmospheric elements also dramatically adds to the durability of the pants. 
  • Combat friendliness – The primary purpose of tactical pants is to help in combats. They are designed to offer control over your gear and puts you in a position to get the job done at any time of the day. There are few features like the material, pocket placement, etc. that make the pants combat-ready. Select tactical pants are made of high-quality blends of materials that make sure that movement is not restricted in any manner by offering sufficient stretch at areas like knees. Pocket placement plays a crucial role to make you combat ready on the go, with velcro or zipped enclosures where necessary. 
  • Comfort – Apart from getting you combat-ready, tactical pants should also make sure that they are comfortable to wear. Not pyjama friendly but they should have padding at certain places and make sure that the material doesn’t pinch at uncomfortable places. Buying a pair of tactical pants means that you’d be wearing them for at least eight hours a day, or even more, it won’t be possible if they are not comfortable to wear. Thanks to evolved designs and materials, tactical pants now come with knee paddings and gussets over crotch area to provide that extra comfort level.
  • Fit – A pair of tactical pants that meets all the above requirements and doesn’t fit properly is of no use. Earlier tactical pants came in limited sizes and people who were very thin or very tall, couldn’t find anything that met their size. Now, brands have realized this and manufacture pants in an array of sizes. Another thing to consider is the length of the pants. Make sure that the pants do not expose your hidden weapon when seated.


With a wide variety of quality and sizes available in the market, never compromise on the above-mentioned qualities. Your tactical pants need to be perfect for you in every regard. Invest your money in something useful not only for now but for years to come. 



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