30 Days Wild 2018

Every year The Wildlife Trusts host 30 Days Wild, a month long event designed to encourage us all to undertake a random act of wildness every day throughout June. I’ve never really had the chance to take part myself as working long hours doesn’t leave me a lot of time to commit to month long challenges. This year however, I’ve sent off for my pack so we can get involved!

I’m going to be doing my own personal project all through June. We’ve just moved house and have finally got a decent sized garden, so my plan is to spend some time outdoors with Finn making it the perfect environment for birds, bees and butterflies. Now, we live in the town centre so I’m not hoping for miracles, but I wake up everyday hearing the birds singing outside so I’m quietly confident we can see some good results.

The ‘before’ picture! Hopefully we’ll have something to show by the end of June.

Throughout June I shall be sharing the outdoor activities that we get up to, plus tips for transforming your garden into a natural haven.

Are you joining in with 30 Days Wild this June? I’d love to know what everyone is up to.



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