How to Plan the Perfect Ski Trip

A ski trip can be a brilliant way to spend quality time together outdoors as a family or with good friends. Spectacular mountain views, plenty of exercise, and not to mention the amazing food and drink, it’s no wonder that it’s a popular holiday choice. It’s also a great way to see some of the most spectacularly beautiful locations in the world. But what exactly do you need to know to make sure that your trip is memorable for all the right reasons? Whether you’re planning on a family friendly holiday or splashing out on a luxury ski chalet in France, I’ve asked the experts to share their top tips for creating the perfect ski trip. I’ve put together a range of advice that will make sure that your trip goes without a hitch.

Choose the right resort

Outdoor blogger and adventurer Kate from Adventures of Kate has a wealth of knowledge and some great advice for those hitting the slopes in a group. “Find somewhere that offers things other than skiing if you’re in a group! Not everyone wants to ski all day every day, so it’s nice for other things especially if you’re going with younger kids or people who don’t ski very much!  Think about the group. If some of you aren’t confident skiers then somewhere with mostly black runs won’t go down well, so important to factor in everything from difficulty levels to how accessible to both ski/boarding it is. If you’re all new to skiing then it’s good to find a resort where the slopes progress in difficulty levels.”

The time spent transferring can be a major hassle if you choose the wrong base. Clare from My Tunbridge Wells says “If you are flying there, try to ensure the transfer at the ‘skiing’ side isn’t too long – we went to a place in Italy which was gorgeous but the transfer took hours and hours up very windy narrow roads. Fine if you are just in a couple but not to great as a family.”

Luxury resorts like Courchevel in France have so much to offer anyone looking for the perfect ski trip

Elizabeth from The Homemakers Journal echoes the importance of choosing the right resort. “This is one of the make or break factors of the perfect ski trip. Pick the right one and be hailed forever as the party leader extraordinaire. Pick the wrong one and you could spend your holiday carrying your skis down a steep slope after an exhausting day fighting the bumps.”

Hev from Average Joe Adventures recommends booking a catered chalet/hotel if you can afford it. “It works out cheaper than eating out every night and the in resort grocery shops are usually pretty expensive.”

Saving the pennies

If you’re on a budget, Kelly from Reduced Grub has some great advice: “Don’t spend a fortune on gear. Ebay, Aldi & even Gumtree have some amazing ski bargains. I have picked up a pair of ski goggles for a £5 in Sainsbury’s and picked a Northface coat up for pennies on Ebay”.

If you’re constricted to taking ski trips during the school holidays, Emma at The Money Whisperer, has a host of great tips. From booking smaller, less popular resorts and choosing quieter times of year, to booking in advance and teaming up with other families, there are definitely ways you can help to reduce the cost.

Skiing can be expensive, but don’t forget that if you fly and are delayed, you may be entitled to compensation. Don’t miss out on what you could be owed.

Practice practice practice

Rob at Active Outdoors has written extensively on planning the perfect ski trip and has tips covering everything from picking the right kit, to choosing the perfect accommodation and all-important safety advice. He advocates getting some practice in before you go so you make the most of your time there. He also says: “Get to know the piste. Book ski hire online in advance and get 50% off. Wear a helmet! Get winter sports insurance.”

Mastering the basic skills will mean that you can really make the most of your time on the slopes

Ann from Rainbows are too Beautiful agrees that practice makes perfect, especially when taking the family along with you. “Try out a bit of skiing beforehand an an indoor snow dome – kids can get really disheartened if they don’t pick it up quickly”.

Safety first

Whilst skiing is fun, there are safety considerations to take into account. As Pete from Household Money Saving says “make sure you have some decent insurance in place and your European Health Insurance Card. There’s more chance of you needing it compared to sitting on the beach!”

There’s a lot to consider when planning the perfect ski trip and it can seem daunting, however, taking the time to think about what you want out of the experience, while also considering the needs of the whole group can make all the difference. Take time to thoroughly research all options, making sure that you are honest about your ability and know your priorities. And don’t forget that skiing can be risky, so remember insurance and listen to all safety advice!

Have you been skiing? What advice would you give to anyone planning a trip?

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  • Tamara Tamara December 05, at 16:18

    Make sure you pack the right gear! Here’s a helpful list:

  • Gareth Mate Gareth Mate January 17, at 10:19

    Thanks for sharing!

    Some helpful tips there. I probably needed some of these during my last Ski Holiday. Definitely, will use them next time.

  • Urska Urska January 18, at 10:43

    Some really good tips here. I would agree with most of them – especially with the getting good insurance. Also, be safe – always wear helmet when skiing and don’t overestimate your abilities. Pick the right gear for you. If you’re a beginner, book a few ski lessons to learn the basics. Most importantly, relax and enjoy swishing down the snowy slopes! #AdventureCalling

    • Urska Urska January 18, at 10:47

      Also, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen. My hubby once get really nasty sunburns after cloudless sunny day of skiing. #AdventureCalling

  • It’s been a long time since I last stood on a pair of skis… But I feel tempted to get back to it when reading this post! x #adventurecalling

  • Malin Malin January 19, at 14:00

    It’s been many years since I last stood on a pair of skis, but this post makes me feel I should do it again somtime, when (if) I get the chance… ?❄️

  • Lauren Lauren January 28, at 21:43

    Never been skiing before. Might be something we’ll have to look at in the future 🙂


  • Stephanie Lane Stephanie Lane January 29, at 13:53

    I would love to learn how to ski. Unfortunately here in the south, all we get is ice…If we traveled to a resort they are just too expensive! #adventurecallingte

  • We’re going skiing again for a coupe of days when we’re in France next month. Can’t wait! Great tips, Lauren, thank you for putting them together.

  • David - Potty Adventures David - Potty Adventures January 30, at 21:44

    Some great advice here. We love skiing. In fact I’m off skiing to Italy in just over 2 weeks but unfortunately it’ll be with 60 odd School kids haha.

  • Vicky Vicky January 30, at 23:26

    I have never been skiing and never had the urge to until recently when a friend went and had the most amazing time she almost convinced me but reading this has definitely convinced me. We love France so maybe that’s the best place to start looking. Some great tips 🙂


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