Cooking with the Trangia Billy Can from Simply Hike

I’ve been blogging a while, but old habits die hard. I’m sometimes contacted by brands asking if I’d like to choose something to try out and review, I could be cheeky and ask for something nice to wear, something flashy or expensive. But I never do. Mainly, because I still get really uncomfortable asking for things, but mainly because I’m my mother’s daughter and always go for the practical option. So when Simply Hike got in touch, I knew straight away what I wanted. Some women lust after jewellery or handbags, but I’ve been wanting a billy can for ages.

I know what you’re thinking. How have I survived so long without one?! I don’t know either.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you a few recipes that are super easy to cook in a billy can while camping. It can be used on a stove or over a fire, whichever you prefer.


I’ve mentioned before that a steaming bowl of mussels and crusty bread is one of our camping recipe staples. Super easy to prepare, quick to cook and adds a little luxury to any camping trip. All you need is a pan with a lid and away you go. On our last trip I managed to forget our gas canister so our stove was out of use, however in a stroke of ad libbing genius, I just stuck our billy can on our mini barbecue for a few minutes. As soon as the mussels are all open you’re good to go (remember to throw away any that are open before you cook them).

Our billy can makes the perfect mussel pan

One Pot Wonders

Another reason I was keen to get a billy can, was that I’m a massive fan of one pot cooking. I do it a lot at home, so it makes sense to use my tried and tested recipes while we’re camping as well. This is a great way to cook if you’re catering for a group.

I’ve raided my own recipe book for some of my favourite one pot wonders (with a few tweaks to make extra simple)

Here are a couple of my favourites, super quick and easy and perfect for family camping trips.

Sweet potato dahl one pot camping recipe (serves 2)

Chicken, chorizo & chickpea one pot camping recipe (serves 4)


One thing that was a revelation to me was finding out that you can bake in a billy can. Cakes at the campsite-what more could you want?!

Ok, this is hardly GBBO standard, but stick with me here. All you need is a packet of cake mix and away you go!

I find that it works best if you wait until the end of the night, when your coals are a little cooler. We generally do it using charcoal briquettes (the larger ones) once we’ve finished cooking on the barbecue. I take off the grill and take out some of the charcoal using a trowel, just leaving a few coals behind. I then put the billy can on top of the charcoal and put a couple of coals on top. You’ve then got your very own Dutch oven.

Just make up your mix according to the instructions and pour in. I find it best to line the bottom of the pan with some foil to stop it sticking-and make cleaning up a bit easier. It doesn’t take long so keep an eye on it. I’ve found that any cake or muffin mix, or even a cookie mix works well. I’ve got a sweet tooth and I love having a sugar hit at the end of the day, especially if we’ve been out walking.

If you have only one piece of equipment in your camping kitchen, it has to be a billy can.

What are your favourite camping recipes?

Disclosure: We were given a billy can free of charge for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.

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  • Sarah - Craft Invaders Sarah - Craft Invaders June 06, at 16:17

    I totally get where you are coming from Lauren – I’ve been dreaming of a Dutch oven and tripod to go over a campfire for a while now – the Billy can looks great and I love cooking mussels we have collected on a fire. Look forward to trying out your other one-pot recipes

    • The Helpful Hiker The Helpful Hiker June 08, at 19:23

      I would also love a tripod! We’re already got a crazy amount of stuff so it might have to wait.

  • Cerys {mascara & mud} Cerys {mascara & mud} June 07, at 09:49

    This look s ace! And yes, cake and camping – what a winning combination!

  • Clare M Clare M June 07, at 10:51

    Oh this sounds right up our street. I might even pry my husband away from his mess tins! I’ll check out the recipes as well thank you. #AdventureCalling

  • naomi naomi June 07, at 16:59

    looks like a camping essential! we haven’t started camping yet, we want to take the plunge this year. I haven’t considered what cooking utensils we might need, so thanks for this. was very helpful.

  • Christine Christine June 07, at 19:24

    I would love a Billy can too. I’ve got a book of mug cake recipes that I reckon could easily be scaled up to work in a Billy can. (Apologies if this posted twice, typed up comment then it wouldn’t post)

  • Lauren Lauren June 07, at 21:29

    I never thought you would be able to bake whilst camping!!


  • There is definitely something special about a billy. (and I’m with you dreaming of camping or hiking gear over handbags and jewellery!) I remember cooking in the whopping ones for Guide Camp and we used to make the most delicious chocolate sponge cake in SMA tins on the campfire embers over night.

  • Emma - Hip2trek Emma - Hip2trek June 08, at 10:10

    Oh wow baking a cake whilst camping might persuade my hubby to take us more often! Your chicken, chroizo and chickpea stew sounds lovely too, I might just try that one at home. #adventurecalling

  • Laura Laura June 08, at 11:16

    This looks fabulous! I’m just about to start converting my car into a camper so will be on the hunt for cooking equipment soon – so thanks for the recommendation!

  • Maid in Dartmoor Maid in Dartmoor June 08, at 13:43

    This looks great… we love musscles. They look Yummy!! #adventurecalling

  • Su {Ethan & Evelyn} Su {Ethan & Evelyn} June 09, at 09:48

    Oh Wow! You are making me hungry. I love mussels! We are going to camping as a family for the first time this Summer and I am looking for some cooking gears. This is perfect!

    Thank you for hosting. #adventurecalling

  • Annabel Annabel June 11, at 17:02

    Baking on the campsite, what a fantastic Ida! #adventurecalling

  • Helena Helena June 15, at 16:35

    I do adore mussels and chips and the idea of a one pot wonder has got me inspired. #adventurecalling

  • Travelling With Our Kids Travelling With Our Kids June 18, at 19:27

    Sounds like this is a must have camping essential. I dont think i could be trusted to cook if we ever go camping. Id end up making everyone ill! #adventurecalling

  • Emma | Devon Mum Emma | Devon Mum June 18, at 21:04

    Baking cakes while camping = heaven ? #adventurecalling

  • We don’t have a billy can either, and now I’m thinking I want one too! We’re going camping this weekend and what could be better than baking cake on the camp fire?!

  • David - Potty Adventures David - Potty Adventures June 20, at 07:51

    We’ve got a Dutch oven and tripod but to be honest vary rarely take it with us due to the weight. It’s such a shame because we had some great meals from over the years. This Billy can sounds like a great solution. I also never thought of doing mussels when we’re away camping, what a great idea, particularly if you’re camping on the coast and can source them locally.


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