Mini Meadows Farm, Northants

Mini Meadows Farm, Northants

I’ve been to Mini Meadows several times in the last two years, yet it’s one of those places that I’ve never thought to do a post about. It’s a bit of a drive, yet we go back time and time again so I thought that it finally deserves a write up.

I first came across Mini Meadows when I was looking for somewhere to go while on maternity leave. I had no money and an increasingly boisterous little boy to entertain. I had a look online and came across a farm that had amazing reviews. Plus at just £3,50 to get in (under twos are free), this was a super affordable day out and would keep us both entertained for a few hours. (Note: A couple of days ago there was a very solemn notice posted on the farm’s Facebook page, stating that due to several factors they would grudgingly have to put their prices up. The entrance fee is now a whole £4.) It also costs another £2 to buy a feed bucket, this has lots of different food in it for all the animals. Today I also splashed out and spent another £1 to be able to bottle feed the lambs. It is also possible to buy a family pass for £45 for a year, which I think is amazing value.

A bucket of feed costs £2 and has plenty to feed all types of animal

Finn had his first go at feeding lambs

It is one of those places that I will keep on returning to, and not just because it’s (still) very good value. The first time I went Finn was scared of the animals, he wasn’t even sure about the bunnies, yet each time we’ve returned he’s grown in confidence.

The rabbits were a firm favourite this time

I usually go on weekdays in term time and we pretty much have the place to ourselves. In fact, today when we pulled into the almost empty car park I thought that it might actually be closed. I’m sure it’s much busier at weekends and during school holidays!

There are several enclosures outside with goats, ducks, geese, llamas, donkeys, ponies, alpacas, pigs and cows to feed. Plus a small play area featuring Finn’s beloved red tractor. I had to drag him away to let other children have a go!

Finn’s favourite bit is being able to sit on the red tractor. Hours of toddler fun!

Not going to lie, I find llamas a bit scary (they are a bit alien- like) this one was quite friendly though!

This goat was huge!

Finn is certainly getting braver around animals

I love the fact that there is lots to do under cover as well, just in case the weather isn’t favourable. There are a few rabbit pens that you can go in, plus at this time of year there are lambs that can be bottle fed.

There are also calves to stroke in the barn

There is also a large indoor sand pit. Finn would have happily played here all day, however I’m not a fan of sand (it gets everywhere!) so I dragged him outside to see the animals.

The big indoor sandpit is a hit with Finn (not so much with me)

An indoor play area is currently under construction and is due to open later this year, which will be fantastic, especially in the winter months.

Each time we go, I also visit the cafe. It has a lovely outdoor seating area for the warmer months, and as you would expect, it is incredibly reasonable. I didn’t get any photos this time as I was too busy eating cake and stopping Finn causing total havoc.

I really cannot recommend Mini Meadows enough. Small enough to be friendly and relaxed, big enough to keep the whole family occupied for a while. Be warned, it is very muddy at the moment so don’t forget your wellies!

Do you have any favourite places that you keep going back to?
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  • karen@wouldliektobe karen@wouldliektobe March 04, at 08:03

    I can see why you like going back, it looks lovely. That goat does look huge though x

  • Clare M Clare M March 04, at 08:16

    This looks great – kids of all ages love to feed the lambs and the indoor area looks good as wet weather escape. #CountryKids

  • This looks like a really good value day out. I’m not a big fan of sand either but that indoor sand area does look pretty amazing!

  • Fiona Fiona March 04, at 12:00

    This place really looks like a little Coombe Mill! I love that it is such good value, if I lived close I think I would get the family membership. I must say repeat visits are a great way to build child confidence in animals, looks like you are already seeing the benefits. The giant sandpit I have pinned, I want a big one here and am looking at inspiration for how to make it. We are on lamb watch now and eagerly awaiting our first. If they can we leave them all to feed from their mothers, but there is usually one we end up needing to help and bottle feeding is always a favourite with the children.

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely little farm on #CountryKids

  • That indoor sandpit is inspired! Can’t beat a trip to the farm can you #CountryKids

  • What a lovely and great value farm. We have a little rare breeds farm not far from us that we go to a lot in the Spring months. It’s rarely busy outside of the school holidays. You’ve reminded me that we must pay it a visit! #countrykids

  • Karen (Stopping At Two) Karen (Stopping At Two) March 05, at 14:42

    This place looks like lots of fun and I was surprised to see how much it costs. Yes, definitely great value! Mine would love that sandpit!

  • MrsS MrsS March 05, at 14:43

    What a lovely farm! It looks so very clean (if that is possible on a farm!) really lovely photos – with all those gorgeous lambs! -and that sandpit looks fun. #CountryKids

  • babyfoote babyfoote March 05, at 22:28

    I think this is such a brilliant value day out, and you are clearly seeing the benefits of repeat visits. That goat looks like it’s heading out to get you! I’d also steer clear of the sandpit. However fun it is, sand does get everywhere. I’m also finding that (as an adult) there’s lots of sitting and waiting on days out lately. Waiting for toddlers to finish playing with one exhibit or one feature of the place we’ve visited. I felt like they should install exercise bikes along the wall in the softplay we were in the other day. There was literally nothing for me to do as the place was so excellent that the kids were entertaining themselves. Something I suspect would happen at the sandpit here!

    Thank you for joining #daysoutwithatoddler. Excuse my mini-ramble 🙂 See you next month!

  • Mudpie Fridays Mudpie Fridays March 08, at 20:47

    That is absolute amazing value and i would have brought the bottle for the lambs too. Monkey is desperate to feed them this year as we missed out last year because I was pregnant. Definitely a brilliant find! Stopping by from #CountryKids

  • That sounds like fabulous value for money and so lovely to have somewhere like this to keep going back to. So nice to hear that Finn is getting more confident around the animals too. That red tractor looks fun to play on and I love the indoor sand pit 🙂 #countrykids

  • Sara | mumturnedmom Sara | mumturnedmom March 09, at 17:26

    My guys love places like this, and I have to admit I love seeing/feeding the animals too 🙂 It’s great when you find somewhere that you can return to time and again. #countrykids

  • Nell (Pigeon Pair and Me) Nell (Pigeon Pair and Me) March 22, at 21:20

    This looks like such a friendly farm. It’s always great when animals eat out of kids’ hands – and those lambs are just adorable!


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